Sep 03

Chevrolet Camaro vs Ford Mustang – Fail vs Skill

Funny video including Ford Mustang GT vs Chevrolet Camaro epic fail burnout, drift, exhaust, acceleration, crash and launch show.

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  1. convex

    Donny brasco music in the background in the beginning of video?

  2. Juan Deleon

    Mustangs got better burnout then camaro

  3. I have FAITH dude

    Why tf do people need to laugh

  4. ShadowSlider

    Can't even go through 5 comments without seeing people saying ItS tHe DrIvEr NoT tHe CaR

  5. Denis Aslinger

    A mustang is a muscle car

  6. Hazel Draw

    Это от водителя зависит, идиоты….

  7. Riesen 66

    The guy at 6.30 I think forgot he was driving a stick

  8. Jim Weimer

    Everyone saying it's the driver, not the car. Well that's correct. Retard Ford fucks

  9. KnightWatcher11

    If u guys couldn’t tell this man really loves mustangs


    Love the side box.

  11. Bibo

    2:36 mama it did a burnout

  12. Israel Carreon

    Actually the ford mustang can actually be better but as you can clearly see its the driver

  13. Janté Ríos

    Car vs car obviously hasn't seen the fast and furious "it's not what's under the hood that matters it's the driver that makes the difference "

  14. Mad Max

    To all the fucktards in the world that absolutely love mustangs 2 words for ya…..Crowd Control.

  15. Doug Bloom

    You cant just put some shmo
    In a factory hot rod and expect skillfull driving
    It takes practice and knowledge
    As the video clearly illustrates.
    Congrats on owning beautiful daily driver hot rods
    Learn how to handle what you have

  16. billy nuts

    Just like Camaro fans to applaud for a fucking doughnut. Lulz

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