Sep 14

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport at Lightning Lap 2016

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  1. RC000E

    Corvette is just an absolute bargain of the century, past 3 generations running. In it's relative market it just brings the pain every time. This is the Grand Sport with a Z07 option, but frankly, for a track slut you'd be foolish to get the carbon brakes versus equipping it with an aftermarket set of AP Racing irons…way cheaper consumables, way more durable. That said, this price as tested, isn't the car to own. Buy a base Grand Sport, upgrade as you use it. You can be in this car for 65k and even though GT350R's price as tested was around that number…good LUCK buying one at that number…dealer gouging all day. Shame the ACR couldn't put a car to market that sells, because the ACR is a winner but…end of the day…Corvette is that car you can drive to the office in, go to dinner in, then hit the track on the weekend and eat peoples lunch. No Porsche/Mclaren maintenance bills either. Corvette just killed it.

  2. Ahmad Isa

    what a great machine

  3. datsunz1

    damn 100k and not even 500hp….

  4. PilgrimTitan


  5. Next Level Shift

    That's a very good lap for the power it's putting out. A well balanced car there.

  6. EFK93

    The Grand Sport was the greatest suprise 7 speed MT "only" 460hp and still able to be as quick as a GT3 RS

  7. DeYanko

    His lines are garbage!

  8. Craig Cundiff

    I enjoy the Annual Lightning Lap vids. .. And all at once is fine with me… Nice run.. That GS was haulin'!

  9. Integrafreak1

    What is the difference between the grand sport and the regular vette?

  10. MV Agusta


  11. Raul Dorian

    I don't know about you guys but it seems that they are pushing more American cars to their limits. Saying that Corvettes as fast as fuck.

  12. Jeff Will

    GS looks glued to this track. Those Cup2's are very close to real slicks. Not even the Viper could out grip it.

  13. Tobi Ogunsanwo

    This chassis with those tires is where it's at.

  14. Doughbodyboy

    Dumping all the videos at once. No commentary. Incorrect information about the base price of the car in this video. Some real Busch league hummdingery if I've ever seen it.

  15. Troubleshooter125


    And then some!

  16. dinobravo23

    Now imagine if it had the same advantage as the Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW with the DCT. It wouldve been even faster.

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