Oct 10

Chevrolet Lumina UTE on dyno – 670kW | 1069Nm

Blown and gassed Chevrolet Lumina UTE on the Dyno, producing 670kW and 1069Nm


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  1. Ratty's Performance

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 (Stock) vs 415kw Chev Lumina SS UTE


  2. Amogelang Maseng

    I dont thnk anymore but im definately gona own one and soon that is…

  3. Kareem Gt

    you have it at the US , it's called Pontiac G8 🙂 .

  4. William Gillman

    Man i wish these Lumina's were over here in the US i'd love to have one

  5. leunaticable

    Yep manufactures in oz, see wikipedia entry Chevrolet_Lumina_(Australia)

  6. Dakyne2

    I saw this car in Stellenbosch the other day… Couldnt take my eyes off it, so badly wanted to hear it rev. What gas are you running?

  7. avatajo

    In Australia, yes. In South Africa it is branded as a Chev.

  8. Mitchell Thomas

    Straya built that mate 🙂

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