Nov 10

Chevrolet Things – Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 331

Chevrolet Things – Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 331

We recently shared an episode of Muscle Car Of The Week where we shared some elements that make Mopars Muscle Cars great… and we were happy to see some great feedback. In fact, many comments suggested that we do it again for other makes, and we’re happy to oblige. So today, we’re checking out 10 signature aspects of historic high-performance Chevrolets!

10. Cowl Induction Hood

9. 12-bolt rear end

8. 409 V8

7. SS Stripes

6. Rally Wheels

5. LS6 454 V8 Engine

4. Impala Super Sport

3. COPO Program

2. L88 Corvette

1. RPO Z/28 – DZ302

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Chevrolet Things – Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 331


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  1. Juju Partyboy

    I love it when you show all these Fords all cars are Ford to me………………………….

  2. Steven Hagebusch

    Do a vid on Pontiac performance years…..from 61-66 the 421 super dutys the catalinas grand prixs and 2+2s….every one knows about the GTOs but the big brothers every one seems to over look as a "muscle car"

  3. Bud Wiser

    When it comes to bad assed high horsepower muscle cars my pick are Plymouths and especially the Road Runners with the big block Hemi’s even though I appreciate all American Muscle.

  4. Matt Perkins

    I want to see a video on the 66 nova L79

  5. rick hunter

    There are Billion trillion million quadrillion Infinity reasons why Chevy is Great man's car

  6. Mike Capizzi

    Chevys the best ☝️

  7. Christopher Simpson

    Why don't ya'll talk about some muscle TRUCKS for once? I know it's muscleCARoftheweek but they are still pretty important in the street muscle scene.

  8. ps3613t

    Nice video as usual. Racers were putting together 301's by taking a 327 and putting in a 283 crank long before GM did and they called it a 302. GM made them stronger in 69 by using bigger bearings. 8000-8500 rpms if I remember right. I like the 400 small block on the circle track. I had a great 406 and now a 421 stroker. Lots more torque than a 355, 373 or a 383. You can get more HP out of a Chevy for less money.

  9. Brent

    Great video!

  10. Space Cowboy

    your missing the Z11,ZL1

  11. mr.18436572

    I'll take one or two of each please😍

  12. Jeffery Robertson

    Chevrolet the king of modern muscle car from 1982 through 1993 era

  13. lee santos

    I love Chevy and American Muscle . wish the big 3 would build tuner cars for the next generation ! The Cobalt SS and Focus RS were great little rockets !

  14. George Harley Rider

    Amazing 👍
    Only in America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Mark East

    My favorite Chevrolet would be the 67'Chevelle SS396

  16. Nick Griggs

    Please do Pontiacs

  17. Andre Washington

    You guys do them all very well..keep it up!!

  18. Tom Gill Chevrolet

    Great to see a video on Chevy muscle. Thanks!

  19. Jacob x

    His voice is so soothing and what some would call approachable

  20. martin martin

    7:25 you talk about 1969 Z28 but show us two '68 instead .

  21. Shawn Riddle

    Is this why Chevrolet performance and Ford motorsports use the awesome Hemi Chrysler big block in their race cars?lol

  22. Michael Ashcraft

    At one time Chevy was the very best, Ford has always been a joke, but, there is no best in today's market! Composite (plastic, and, petroleum additives), electronic toys to go bad, engines ain't worth crap, on and on. The list is endless, and, now GM is going to stop making parts for the cars they sell?

  23. Bud Lee

    No problem with this list but , how can you talk Chevrolet without at least uttering 350 ? Most versitile engine ever produced .

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