Jun 14

Director’s Cut: The new Opel Insignia. Time for a new leadership.

There’s a new leadership. They don’t believe in the outdated rules of authoritarian business. They don’t command or bully. They believe in motivating people through participation. They claim the freedom to rewrite the rules. Because the future is everyone’s. And everyone should be able to shape it.

With the new Opel Insignia the future is everyone’s. This car holds premium technology for all of us. Best-in-class LED Matrix headlights, Opel OnStar* 24/7 Personal Assistant, an adaptive 4×4 all-wheel drive, and advanced safety systems round up its bold new design. A true premium business vehicle for a new class of leaders.

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* OnStar Services require activation and account with OnStar Europe Ltd. Wi-Fi Hotspot services require account with nominated network operator. Charges apply after expiry of applicable trial periods.

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