Sep 16

Double-Cab Shootout with Hannes Grobler: Which bakkie is best?

http://www.carmag.co.za/video-gallery/double-cab-shootout-with-hannes-grobler-which-bakkie-is-best-video/ CAR magazine puts seven double-cab bakkies – Isuzu KB, Foton Tunland, VW Amarok, Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton and Ford Ranger – up against one another in the May 2013 issue of the magazine. We’ve roped in South African Off-road and Rally champion Hannes Grobler to help us decide on an ultimate winner. Here are his thoughts.


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  1. Omar Bakali

    First time I saw Hannes Grobler was in the 1000 desert race( Botswana). He's the only driver in this desert race who arrives on the finish line with the car still intact. I like this guy.

  2. For Fun

    The best is Ferrari 458

  3. ygor severiano

    In Brazil always Hilux,strong,reliable and never broken, i get used then for my work in granite quarries

  4. corry katjiru

    amarok is the best bakkie

  5. Moses Otzile

    amarok is the best performance

  6. Walaiporn Kruethong


  7. Tim Batchelor

    Izuzu looks the nicest and seemed to perform as good as the others if not better and he doesn't even mention it rubbish test.

  8. Adrian Railson

    Where was the Nissan Navara???

  9. the beerhunter

    I really like the badge on the hilux it really makes the car the best.

  10. guy proulx

    Toyota Hilux is the best by far, it's a no brainer

  11. miloraca

    Holden Colorado,great value,strong engine,a little step down from Mazda and Ford,hence the slightly cheaper price

  12. miloraca

    Toyota hilux,very overpriced and underpowered for the money of a comparable twin cab,Mitsubishi Triton,forget it! Outdated in every aspect,power,suspension,tech,engine,Nissan Navara,time bomb engines

  13. miloraca

    Ford Ranger for the win! Amarok overpriced,engine overworks and gets noisy,Mazda Bt 50 is another worth considering 

  14. Masterdebator

    Looking objectively at all of those vehicles, to me it seemed obvious that the Triton had the suspension that had the longest travel, and hence will give best off road performance, all other things being relatively equal. It also had diff lock.  

  15. Val Fotevski

    I've driven all these cars & let me tell you the hilux destroys the Amarok by a country mile

  16. juanpablo cabayo

    the gvm, ford ranger and toyota hilux struggled the most in this test, this guy is just biased towards the ranger and hilux hahaha

  17. Paul Hardy

    Just bought the D Max, perfect for my needs.

  18. Fearl3SS84

    No Nissan NP300/Hardbody Nor Nevara..

  19. Mr Kruger

    Why no Navara?

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