Feb 20

Families’ New Best Friend | Discover the all-new 2018 Opel Combo Life

Opel is continuing its ongoing product offensive by launching a true all-rounder with the new Opel Combo Life, a wonderful family car full of innovations that makes everything possible. http://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/zukuenftige-modelle/ueberblick.html

The fifth-generation Combo is based on a new architecture. It is immensely spacious, highly practical and versatile, equipped with one or two rear sliding doors and can be ordered as a short (4.40 metres) or long (4.75 metres) version and as a five or seven seater. With the new Opel Combo Life, you will be the hero of your local sports team when taking an entire seven-a-side team plus sports apparel to the next match. Your planned family “extensions” can relax on three individual rear seats all with Isofix child seat brackets and enjoy a wonderful view of the sky thanks to the panoramic roof. And your friends will also love the outstanding spaciousness and ask whether they can borrow your new Opel Combo Life for their trips to nearest Swedish furniture store.

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  1. Legenda

    I really want Opel to step up their game. Make something surprising like Kia did with the stinger. Everyone got shocked and Kia got big attention. Opel needs make atleast 1 rwd/awd sportscar in class with Bmw M4, Audi Rs6 and more. I want people to see Opel something other than just a grandma/mom car.

    I could dream of Opel making a angry sportscar. V6,V8,V10,V12 or just a straight-six 400hp+ with angry front and not so chromeish to make it look sporty. This would be the reborn of Opel. I know Opel makes only Familycars and cheap cars for the people but A angry sportscar would shock everyone and would change their sight on Opel. Really hope this comes in the next years!

  2. Gultekin COSAR

    Looks Nice. And this model is in the light Commervial Vehicle Category. Also this model is the competitor of Fiat Doblo / Fiorino , Peugeot Partner and Tepee ,Volkswagen Caddy ,Renault Kangoo , Mercedes Benz Vaneo among the light Commercial Vehicle Segment. Good Luck to You.

  3. Engin Kaplan

    Anlaşılan opel mühendisleri partner ve berlingodan baya etkilenmiş

  4. Babbelnet66

    Ist da nur der Opelblitz dran oder auch Opeltechnik verbaut? z.B. Motor, Getriebe, Elektronik, Fahrwerk?

  5. Jamie Pickles

    Joining the Vauxhall Range later In the year

  6. LD13101

    Sehr schönes Auto! Ist zwar Baugleich mit den PSA Geschwistern, finde ich aber überhaupt nicht schlimm!


    Opel Combo Life facebook grubuna beklerim tüm opelcileri

  8. Henry TSAI

    citroen berlingo
    peugeot partner

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