Jan 27

Ford F150 Raptor v Ranger Raptor v Mercedes X-Class v VW Amarok – DRAG RACE & ROLLING RACE

It’s time for a pickup truck drag race! If you’re looking for a pickup with pace to match its practicality, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better option than either the VW Amarok, Mercedes X-Class or Ford Ranger Raptor… But which will be the fastest?! Stick with Mat to see which grabs the checkered flag!

Want to buy an American Muscle car – check out https://www.clivesutton.co.uk who lent us the F150 for this video

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  1. KASKY!!!!

    Xq no lo traducen a español

  2. Michael Kelly

    What in the name of ferrets are you going into a drag race in the X350 with it in Comfort mode???????? The Sport mode would smoke any of those there I would reckon on a re-run

  3. Jonathan Stum

    I would like to see the driver of the raptor actually stand on the brakes because i didnt see almost any nose dive for an "emergency" braking manuever. Just saying.

  4. Johannes J.

    Cold engines… Oh maaan

  5. bradly bellant

    What kind of monster would get a 4 cylinder truck

  6. Robert Hall

    Hey Matty, What year is that Raptor?? What fuel did you use?? What mode was it in? Did you launch any of the vehicles? When brakes are on that off road racer?? Have you tested payload?? Have you ever hauled a trailer?? Dude your pussy ass test is about as authentic as Bruce Jenner winning woman of the year. I know that's a title you are after.

  7. Robert Hall

    I've driven a slew of Raptors. They brake very well. Funny how a pussy can't press a brake pedal.

  8. Robert Hall

    Ok that girl talking on this video needed his husband to drive. Not one thing had to do with a truck. Guess the European ladies never hauled a load or went off road. You doing things that trucks are made to do.

  9. Vlad Manea

    All American cars have a problem with brakes ,for example dodge challenger..To heavy .

  10. Maximum Velocity

    This is one test where the 2nd gen Lightnings would do well, especially the 01 – 04 ones with the power/ final drive gear improvements. The quickest unprepped surface accel tests recorded 5.1s to 60 and 13.6 1/4mi times.

  11. Sifiso Nkabinde

    *Cyber truck joined the chat*

  12. Team Spintop

    I dont know if you play dumb so the audience can think and guess, but you should know better by now.

  13. wumurphfu

    Now try a remap if the Amarok

  14. Steven

    Is the brake pedal connected to anything in that F150 🤔

  15. staffree stacy

    Should test those p.trucks with towing something on off-road,, not going fast like a race car lol

  16. Alex Bujorianu

    America embarrasses itself here—the F150 was the biggest-selling car in America, and it has a much thirstier 6l V8, and it still did crap.

  17. Niko Umicevic

    You have to do this race again when the cybertruck comes out

  18. Job Work

    Amarok is the Best European pickup truck. Howgh. Hope it will survive fcking electrification.

  19. FastBoy XB

    Amarok won because well man…

  20. David Pazourk

    Blbeček, ako môže porovnávať úplne iné motorizácie, hlavne čo sa fordov týka

  21. Toniculte

    I have one question ☝️ why are you in comfort mode in a race? Shouldn’t you be in race mode. 🤷‍♂️

  22. Juanito Pinguabe

    The F150 is my favorite truck

  23. Xe M

    Ford engineer: So, which brak…
    Ford CEO: Nope.

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