Sep 07

Ford Mustang V8 GT VS Chevrolet Camaro V8 – The Drag Race! | Fifth Gear

Tiff and Jason put the Ford Mustang V8 GT against the Chevrolet Camaro V8.

#FifthGear #FordMustangVSChevroletCamaro

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  1. Happy Cupcake

    No substitute for engine capacity.

  2. Hughes Enterprises

    I own an ‘18 GT with the A10 transmission and PP1. It’s fast. Way faster than the ‘17 GT and the ‘18 Camaro SS.

  3. Nick Jones

    My guess is this is two or three years old. I love my 2017 Camaro, but the Mustang now has more power, so I think the race would be closer.


    Old man with a high tech device. Sooooo true

  5. bob bob

    you see , mustang though its a race to the crash line ( or the wall next to) . every time they started,  mustang wanted to go around and hit something.  I guess 3 out of 3 mustang wins , booom .

  6. Steven Barahona

    Who let this bloke drive the mustang 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. Husam Nour

    Looks like Tiff has no clue how to launch an American muscle car…

  8. Sub Zero GT

    Jajaja es lo mas falso wue he visto en mi vida 😂😂😂

  9. Ross Lesser

    Not even a mustang fan but that idiot doesn’t know how to launch the car off the line and shouldn’t be driving for this.


    I've gotten so many races where my stock 2018 gt gaps those slomaro new and old on my YouTube channel

  11. Logan Taylor

    As ford guy all i can say is hp sells cars and torque wins races, no suprise the camero won that


    You brits can't drive American muscle cars, stay to your junky imports and leave these American beast to us professional

  13. Stephen Morgan

    Use launch control at lowest setting. Higher ones are for drag slicks and hot tracks.

  14. IMGONEIN60

    Two men who can’t drive, no wonder why I haven’t subscribed to this channel…smh

  15. KatyCat

    Why does the camaro have paddle shifters when it's a manual car?

  16. hksigman

    Let me drive the Mustang!! I guarantee I’ll win.

  17. Tyler Harvey

    10 spd vs 10 spd….. would make way more sense… they've ran the tests over and over again. Mustang with the auto is faster in a straight line than a camaro with the auto. Camaro handles better no doubt. But make it a fair comparison

  18. m Monty

    The camero is a big favorite with the gay community and is often featured in gay pride parades. There is a gay bath house near my sister's home and there are always lots of camaros parked out front

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