Apr 14

Ford ranger vs Isuzu pickup

How to kill a clutch !!


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  1. Mister Febrian

    Not fairrrr 4×4 vs 4×2

  2. Piyush Nayak

    But we still love isuzu

  3. jean tsai

    Mazda ranger vs izusu dmax

  4. เอาความจริง อย่าบิดเบือน

    Isuzu 2 wheel driveVS ranger 4wheel drive…..not fair

  5. R Soul

    Shitbox vs shitbox, perhaps feature a death battle between cockroaches or a comparison of microwaves for more consumer interest.

  6. 777 bouncy castle hire

    Darren Stewart you idiot!!!

  7. ali west

    it's all because the isuzu is lighter then the ford

  8. Andrew Wilson

    Come on guys,more smoke!

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