Sep 12

Ford Ranger WildTrak – Extended Test and Detailed Review

In our latest extended test, we spent over a month with the very popular, but rather pricey, Ford Ranger Wildtrak double cab.

In our time with the car, we used it as a daily driver, and for longer trips away on vacation, and found that the Ranger is arguably one of the best bakkies (pick ups) available in terms of on-road comfort.

Let us know what you think of the Ford below, and be sure to check out our other Ford Ranger videos, which are linked at the end of the video.

Interested in a used Ford Ranger in South Africa? Click here:

Interested in a new Ford Ranger Wildtrak? Click here:


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  1. Ed Reilly

    Way to much money., Come down on the price.!

  2. Pika Jhu

    Desing of layer

  3. Nuj Zbac

    Hilux still better

  4. 曉雲 胡

    I see you i love you Ranger


    I love this machine.

  6. Paul Sichalwe

    If it is thirsty then it isn't good enough

  7. Chris Bro

    is he saying bucky ?

  8. Metalbass79

    Why is it that nobody in Africa sells a full sized truck? It completely boggles my mind that a Ranger costs twice as much as my 2016 F150 Lariat Sport 4×4 with the Ecoboost 3.5. Considering the laws of Kenya with prohibiting LHD vehicles, I'm forced to downsize and pay a lot more for a smaller truck. Is there no market for full sized trucks in Africa? Does nobody want an F150, Silverado, Sierra, Ram, Tundra or Titan?

  9. larry099

    He noted about buying a cover for the box so you won't get stuff stolen. Best to live in a country where there isn't that much crime.

  10. wayne bhomani

    This guy is Ford biased

  11. Subin VH

    Yeah this is great video. Go ahead

  12. Christopher Wheeler

    Big? Try the Ford F-150 Raptor

  13. Ziruv

    i like the ford ranger

  14. Dario Waynder

    detailed review?

  15. mohammed khan

    dashboard is very plastic

  16. mohammed khan

    i hear these fords have lots of gearbox problems

  17. Raju Ramjit

    How much is 600000 ram in us $$$

  18. IMS Productions

    Will the new Ford Ranger be sold in the US?

  19. Bryce Dykes

    Hey it's quite funny because the rear hoop in NZ has a stainless steel roller top that's built into the Ford original grey side plastic that is lockable, I think it's called Mountain Top

  20. James Hoyt

    here I am being American and looking at this like "what a cute little truck"

  21. Greg O'Brien

    Wouldnt worry about the new Navara or the Mitsibishi. There both out over here and this new Ford is a beast compared to them, the Mitsubishi is soo ugly in real life and the Np300 looks similar to the old one but the engines smaller and its got soft rear suspension if your using as it was designed for. The Hilux in the Uk i think will be dead unless they decide to sell it with the 2.8( only available with 2.4) and re design it. i looked and had a go of them all, the Nissan couldn't pick a gear around town and tbh empty you wouldn't know it had didn't have leaf springs. Ford have got a winner over here.

  22. Edgar Lubulellah

    Please do a head to head of this vs the new Volkswagen Amarok V6 TDI.

  23. Rory Francis

    Tell me something, over your extended test, did you find that the dash was too plastic?

  24. Hani Azzout

    the new vw amarok is the best

  25. Swaffle

    if we only had these in the US still 🙁

  26. John Laws

    honest and accurate review.

  27. kabelo mpitimpiti

    Hilux is still the best.

  28. Kufre Udobong

    You guys don't drive petrol in S.A?

  29. B2plus Channel

    I just bought a New hilux last week SR5, love it

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