Apr 08

How to fit rear wheel bearings to a Nissan NP200 Utility

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How to fit rear wheel bearings to a Nissan NP200 Utility

As with all things, wheel bearings wear due to time or unavoidable mishaps, it needs replacing periodically and is normally done by expertly trained Auto Mechanics.

So when you hear an unusual humming sound emanating from your wheels, and it has excessive play, then it may be time to replace your wheel bearings.

Sometimes due to budget issues or self-improvement, we take the decision to replace the rear wheel bearings ourselves. This is a great way to save money and gain some knowledge on maintaining our cars.

This video is simple to follow with clear instructions, using basic tools, on how to do just that.
#please heed the warning on the method to fit the new bearing, which involves a bearing press*

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