Aug 16


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Super Car Driver Idiots CRASH and FAILS [ONLY VIDEOS] Just 2016 NEW Video! Subscribe for more compilation about super car crashes and much more 🙂


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  1. Howard Dixon

    the old faggot will have a lot of fun in jail he is the bitch

  2. Neil Carpenter

    1:20 that was on them both. Guy who was full of himself in the truck swerved into the car at the last second. The whole thing could have been avoided if he would have let the person get away with being a jerk herself.

  3. Brian Schmitt

    These are some of the smarter Chevy drivers I've seen.

  4. Paul

    I'd have parked got out and fucked up Dennis. . Fucking goof old man… I'd go fuck his wife after too.

  5. 43854586

    You should just rename the channel to "Russians being their retarded usual selves".

  6. cococly

    0:59 is an active act of assault. This is a deliberate act to impose damage/injury on other members of the public (speaking in a judgmental British Accent)

    But hey, at least that Impala is just a RENTAL car HAHA

  7. Christopher Isac

    Same with that white asshole that broke the guys window quite being an ass

  8. Mike Leveux

    Only idiots buy BAILOUT GMs to begin with…

  9. KimmyKim96

    I'm so proud to be one of the 10,000 Subs <3 Surely my favorite car crash channel <3

  10. iwannamynickagain

    wtf 1:06 ? Woman was right. She was at right side. The left lane is ending not right.

  11. Born2flyfree1

    min and half into video, the guy in white truck merging in, is a huge douche and I hope his camera evidence was held against him in court.

  12. Will Hicks

    Your channel is awesomeness, keep up the good work ?

  13. DanielDaniel1

    chevy drivers are such hot heads

  14. Ross Potts

    :40-50 is not a matter of idiotic drivers, it's the autocross course deisgner. that little chicane was designed badly, knowing there was a curb nearby.

  15. bigkiwial

    Haha, the white truck cut off a cop!! and whatever happened to the old cunt tizzington that busted the windows??? anyone??

  16. Ford FTW

    The stupidest people buy Chevys it's a fact.

  17. philglassfan

    If you buy a GM product, I automatically assume you are a classless moron.

  18. Rick James

    wtf was with that crazy oldman who broke the windows

  19. MrTo YouBoy

    Defamation can be a costly thing , Not one of these were due to the Chevrolet brand of car

  20. BuccaneerBruce

    3rd one was white trucks fault. The Malibu had the right of way.

  21. Kelly Davis


  22. Slac adjuster

    At 2;24, it's not a CAR that runs a red, it's called a JEEP. Its an SUV. Get it right. like WTF?

  23. Ayce1955

    Unfortunately, the brand of the car does not an id10t make. :D

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