Mar 13

In-Depth Comparison: New Hilux vs Ranger vs Isuzu KB vs Amarok

South Africa is bakkie country. Our outdoor, active lifestyles are a perfect fit for the leisure-oriented double cab, but following the introduction of the facelifted Ford Ranger and new Toyota Hilux, which rules the roost?

The previous-generation Toyota Hilux had a very long and successful model life, but towards the end of that career was feeling the heat from Ford’s Ranger. Ford then turned up the heat even more with a comprehensive update towards the end of 2015. So, Toyota can ill afford not coming out guns blazing with the new Hilux.

But the Ranger is not its only rival. Isuzu’s KB continues to find favour with South Africans that appreciate its particular blend of sturdiness, dependability and dual-purpose appeal. And then there’s also Volkswagen’s Amarok, a vehicle that is regarded as heavily road-biased but which surprised us during our tests.

In this video we take you to Klipbokkop near Worcester and put the four bakkies through a number of test routines to discover their pros and cons, including an on-road assessment, gravel road driving, sand dunes, steep descents and gullies.

Performance stats and specifications for all the cars are presented at the end of the video.

Read our massive comparative test between the Hilux, Ranger, Isuzu KB and VW Amarok here:

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  1. xLeroii

    what about the nissan navara np300?

  2. Cedric Warna

    Ford Ranger Always!

  3. James Garton

    I'm glad I've got a new Toyota Hilux it's by far the best pick up truck

  4. Shees Kakar

    What is hilux name????

  5. Mark Cabayao

    this is just a comparison but in reality most important is the durability, versatility, reliability and capability of the pick-up truck.

  6. Faheem Barlas

    Ranger is the best in my opinion

  7. Eljin Mananguit

    I think the hilux is the winner

  8. taryn mcintosh

    did you test the amarok in reverse on soft sand or with a trailer up a slight hill

  9. Anro Klopper

    toyota has proven that it is the best bakkie with the best engin that wil give you millions of kilometers.The ford may be the strongest but it needs thst power with that heavy body.I have owend all of these bakkies in my life and the one that has never broken down and that has givin me the highest kilometers without braking down is the hilux.Toyota builds the best bakkies .

  10. Chris Samurai

    The Amarok interior is rocken..

  11. Nick Good

    the least torque and the FEWEST gears

  12. bigburson

    Ford ranger=JUNK wouldn't own one for wort on my arse hilux haven't driven one going of previous model should be good, Navara haven't driven np 300 had a d22 Previous model JUNK , Isuzu dmax currently own second one good ute, Mitsubishi triton apparently very good reliable but I personally haven't owned one, amarok who knows haven't owned one or driven one

  13. เสื้อกล้าม เเขนยาว

    that hilux is a 2.8 engine or 2.4 engine ???

  14. Tansie Takwi

    Toyota beats all

  15. dhiren singh

    Clearly the Isuzu Drive cannot drive….Isuzu is King of the Diesel Engine

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