Jun 21

Is the updated 2020 Chevrolet Trail Boss the truck to BUY?

The Silverado is a full size truck standout for many reasons. One of the biggest is the ability to have many options and trims to choose from. The 2020 Trail Boss is the go to for the person that wants off-road capability. Under the hood is 5.3L V8 that is pumping out 355HP & mated to an ALL NEW 10-speed automatic transmission. The Trail Boss has a factory lift kit, off-road specific wheels, and Rancho suspension. Is the updated 2020 Chevrolet Trail Boss the truck to BUY?
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  1. jason young

    2 inch lift from the factory, 4 inch running board down the body. what is that?

  2. Mystic TK

    Sexy ass truck.

  3. Asaad Bokhari

    your review is amazing
    and your comments and sense of humor is Amazing 😂 I enjoy your videos a lot

  4. Matt Anastasi

    Joe don’t wanna be a freak, but where do you get your shorts?

  5. Joe Inc.

    Wow. This is one ugly truck. I can't even stomach finishing the video. Thanks though.😊

  6. James Mastroianni

    While the silverado is a very potent truck, the trailboss is an absolute waste of time. If you're really after the lift kit, its a GM official part available on all silverados/sierra 1500s. But what these "offroad trucks" do is just murder your fuel economy and payload. And for the few people who need the actual offroad capability with truck capability, a tremor is the better buy outright.
    Until that new raptor fighter prototype makes market, theres no reason to buy an offroad GM pickup in the fullsize segment. The only one they have worth buying is the ZR2. If I bought a truck tomorrow it would be one of the GM twins, but not if my only option was a trailboss/at4

  7. Freckles

    Great review. Video 1 of asking to review a Toyota 86 Base model non 86 GT manual please review this.

  8. Nathan Chen

    Love this review, Joe!

  9. louis ayala

    That was one long infomercial but we don’t mind sacrificing 5 minutes of our lives for the best in the business. 😀 $53k for a truck with no ventilated seats, cloth seats and an outdated infotainment system seems to be a bit much. I’d rather spend the money on a G70 or a Supra. Great job once again young man!!! 👍

  10. Mr C

    Makes you not want a high country.

  11. Big Red

    Thumbs down on the truck thumbs up on the reviewer !

  12. Big Red

    Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!!Go for a Raptor !

  13. Andrej Destradi

    very nice truck joe bravo man big ciao from me hasta la vista manana es too late bye bye my man you the best

  14. Brandon Yen

    I think I would skip this truck and go for the Titan Pro4x it’s was nicer inside and pan roof and more good stuffs , but I still wanted this truck 53k for that interior so …..

  15. Hatters House 710

    Not much of a truck guy but this one looks very nice. One of these tried to race me in my accord 2.0t and needless to say he regretted that decision lol

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