Aug 23

Is This Datsun Sunny The Best Pickup Truck Ever?

Who needs a Dodge Ram when you can get yourself one of these? A must have for every JDM collector.
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  1. Gavin Singleton

    Nissan champ bakkie sold in South Africa for 40 years replaced by Nissan np200.

  2. itz_bawse09 Fabalicious

    They kept making these in South Africa till I think 2009, they are very popular up here

  3. Linken Paterson

    Its slow because your not revving it my one revs to 9500 rpm

  4. Vicente Macancela

    beautiful car, were i can find the parts parts? please.

  5. demonchild 74

    It needs a rotary transplant or an fj20

  6. Younes SALAMH

    in my village there is one datsun car own for old man they call his Haweja

  7. SvenQ45

    In South Africa it was even sold until 2008 as the "Bakkie".
    And it was replaced with a Dacia based pickup. Of course it´s more "modern" but this one is way cooler.

  8. itz_bawse09 Fabalicious

    This is iconic here in south african and was kept in production till 2008/2009. It has a strong following with farmers, drifters, drag racers…in fact almost everyone loves them here!!

  9. joel bzadough

    1200 Ute is my dream car

  10. Alex T

    # 1 Sadly you don't even know the name ? That is not a HAKO TORA but a Sunny-Tora a HakoTora has the Hakosuka Skyline front end swap , that is just a Sunny Tora and not a HAKO TORA nor SURA the way you pronounced it … HAKO= Meaning Box after the Hako-suka Skyline Suka = short for Skyline !

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