Sep 04

Isuzu D-Max 2021 review: LS-U 4×4 off-road test

The Isuzu D-Max has always been a pretty solid ute in terms of reputation, reliability and value for money, but now that Isuzu has sorted out any issues from previous generations – overly firm ride, noisy engine, less-than-ideal off-road traction control and no diff-lock – are those changes enough to boost its appeal in a highly competitive ute market?

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  1. Philip C

    Marcus review yes 👍👍👍😊

  2. Kelvin Wachira

    Double-decker vampire grill! I can't! 😂

  3. Sooran TV


  4. k Muinde

    I would have lots of difficult situation trying to choose it between a Ford ranger coz I love them both

  5. savethemanual

    Disables traction control on the front when you engage the rear locker


    Will definitely buy this in manual transmission 4×4 once it's sold here in the Philippines. Thanks for this review lads. I've also watched its head to head with the 2021 Hilux.

  7. Shingirai F. Mutambirwa

    This is a nice truck. Honestly i really like the clutter from the engine.

  8. WhyWouldYouDrawThat

    Love it. only thing i would say to Isuzu is: Guys! Offer an off-road pack. Bigger off-road tyres, better suspension, etc. customers would eat this up.

  9. Stuart Px

    George Costanza wants his wallet back

  10. Al qaeda

    Waiting for "ranger and hilux are trash", "4jj is the best"🤣

  11. Carl Naessens

    Great review. Very balanced. Thank you.

  12. Ghulam Dastgeer

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 janjakhrojan1989@gmail.com

  13. Pranjal Sharma

    So whats the difference between this LS-U and the X-Terrain , the looks?

  14. Victor Odera

    This Dmax compared to its previous version is better. But I still don’t believe it’s better than Toyota Hilux 2021 on most basic terms like Durability, money value, resale value, fuel economy, tough, toque, noise on the road, smoothness. But I can admit that it’s technology has increased further but Ute with tech rarely last long that’s why Ford ranger Wildtrack hasn’t reached ranks of Hilux yet has huge tech. Hilux man here

  15. Nootnoot Asis

    I like the fair and honest review about the dmax.

  16. Never Again

    Yeah it’s a new car but give it a year or so and they age a lot quicker than the Toyota .

  17. Rodante Gamboa

    Hope to have onr

  18. Nicholas Fuller

    Most utes go to work and supermarkets and grandmas house 🏠. If you want new tyres go and buy a set

  19. Tim Hill

    Ok so Toyota and Ford cost a lot more, Ford has zero customer service and the Ranger is too complex for there own mechanics to repair, they couldn’t even handle problems with Falcons, Toyota has a lot going for it with service and parts available all over the country but they have also been known to not look after customers with legitimate warranty issues and now there is the dpf issues and some say that the current fix isn’t good enough. I’d say that both the Hilux and Ranger have the edge off road but having the best off road capability is not essential in my opinion when all there are fairly close anyway. I think the reliability that I trust the DMAX will have like previous models is enough to trump the others even if I wasn’t cheaper.

  20. JogBird

    that front end is something

  21. Dr. Killjoy

    If I wanted a new ute, I would definitely get this over anything else on the market at the moment

  22. Gavin Wilkie

    Seems like all the upgrades are targeting adding what was missing from the previous model – rear diff lock, more refinement and more modern with an actual touchscreen etc. Good stuff

  23. Takudzwa Chimutanda

    2nd here😂😂 almost first

  24. Mark Witham

    I took 1 for a test drive yesterday,, beautiful ute to drive,comfortable, and the engine noise is not as bad as some say. Hey its quieter than my triton..
    Cant wait to get into 1 full time. Good review by the way 👍

  25. george salouris

    Are u ready- I’m ready.😉

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