Aug 31

Isuzu D-Max 2021 review

0:00 Intro
01:07 Models and pricing
01:58 – Interior
05:48 – Safety
06:27 – Tub dimensions
07:03 – Engine specs
07:40 – Fuel use
08:09 – Driving on-road
12:17 – Driving off-road
16:34 – Verdict

Here it is: your comprehensive guide to the all-new D-Max.

We’ve given the new Isuzu D-Max 2021 model a thorough workout in this video review, spending hours of time driving it both on-road and off-road. And for this video test, we’ve got both Senior Editor Matt Campbell and Adventure Editor Marcus Craft to give you their thoughts on the new D-Max ute.

There’s certainly plenty to consider: the 2021 D-Max is all-new, with a new engine, new transmission, new chassis, new body, new interior – and new technology and safety gear that push the Isuzu Ute from pretender to contender.

Our test covers off variants in the D-Max range, including the SX, LS-M, LS-U and X-Terrain, with pricing details and more.

Stay tuned for more Isuzu D-Max reviews, including an Adventure review on the LS-U, an Expert test on the X-Terrain, and a Tradie test on the SX.

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  1. Nick Taylor

    Can't meet Ranger,hilux, amarok on spec can't match Triton on price can't match any of them in refinement -only thing going for it is the promise of "legendary reliability" which the Ranger, Hilux and Triton already offer-why would you?

  2. William Longbottom

    WHY is it so hard to install a Centre Diff, so we can use 4WD on Bitumen when its slippery?? Every Dual Cab I have driven gets rear end slippery when unloaded and the road is greasy. I had a Pajero back in 1996 with a Centre Diff, and when the road was slippery the Pajero just stayed dead straight. I don't want a VW and the only choice seems to be the Triton.

  3. Alex Najdovski

    not sure why people want more and more quieter vehicles, it means you'll hear less crucial car noises that can be early sign issues that if you didn't hear it in the first place would cost you an arm and a leg to fix in the long run.

    tl;dr if you want quiet go buy a electric car lol

  4. M W

    How many people want to put a pallet in the back of the Ute. No matter what car they are test driving they always come back to the ranger. A Ute that is loud 10 speed and not very comfortable as a Ford person I’m not sold the ranger being loud and price. I hope the new d-max gives Ford a run for their money.


    Will be upgrading to the new top model D Max and can not wait! Our family did have a new Hilux but had nothing but issues and was not reliable, our current gen D Max has been so wonderful 🙂

  6. Gustav De Wet

    It is a nice UTE (call it a Bakkie in SA), but the offroad was a sissy test. Please do a hard offroading test, real hard. a Normal 4×2 Bakkie can do that road. Go do rock climbing, thick mud, thick loose sand, steep incine and declines through tricky terrain where traction really count.
    Want to se a full comparison between the Ranger Wildtrack(2.0L), Top of the Isuzu's, Hilux, Raptor, Amarok, BT50, 2021 Navara/Frontier and maybe the Triton. On road yes and definitely a hard offroad test. Also include the Cruiser. Another one can be Jeep's double cab Bakkie (UTE). The Cruiser and Jeep are normally harder and will like to see how the soft offroadera compare. That is a test I don't want to miss please.

  7. Kerrie Smeltzer

    Thanks guys great review i dive the beach alot so i would like you to include sand driving in your tests


    Tyre profile??

  9. Charlie S

    Great looks and tough and reliable.
    Just check out 24/7 4wd action with Graham and Shauno with his my 20 dmax.
    Where other brands get broken bits, the isuzu just keeps going, also water tight

  10. Dwight Forbes

    Ive had the 2014 Isuzu DMax and I enjoyed it, it was a great vehicle so I'm a bit salivating over the 2021 model, can't with till it gets to my country in Trinidad early next year, I already have my order in.

  11. Mojo

    another underpowered 4 cyl joke,,,

  12. Open Heart

    The fuel consumption is adulterated as dmax speedo is out by at lest 5km to the hundred talk about deception. As you end up driving slower than you think which saves fuel and you speedo says you have gone further than you have a real joke on the unsuspecting. And realy dishonest by Isuzu wonder if their dishonestly flows over into Warranty. My 2019 4×4 dmax model gets in real km about 10.5L to the hundred loaded. About the same as a 1994 rodeo 2.8 . also gets boged more than the old rodeo as it has no limited slip diff and less talk under load i regret buying this car.

  13. Paul Guarino

    It was sad to see the new SX in person finally. The tech is great 👍🏼 but the inside was very disappointing. Plastic steering wheel, all black finish, seating a bit flat. Felt like my 2016 SX D-Max was a nicer finish then the base range SX. Sorry but I ended up going back to Ford.

  14. cultivator Man

    Give me one

  15. CJ West

    ..less power and torque.. but it's still quicker than the new Hilux 😅

  16. Karl Napp

    Will it ever make it to europe ?

  17. X Headliner

    Beautiful looking Dmax. Great job. My frustration… why is Isuzu not adding more torque or kw to it to keep up and or beat its rivals? Very Silly decision.

  18. jerrymyahzcat

    But can you just leave it in 4WD like you can with the Triton? Who wants to be faffing about changing modes? Just have permanent 4WD and be done with it.
    I notice this review is for the top spec model yet there are several blank switch panels to the right of the steering wheel – top spec, they should all be used and not blanks in them (unless they are designed for customer mods).
    I’m guessing there’s no Petrol engine option? I hate diesels.
    Is the Hill Descent Control speed adjustable?

  19. Andomaca1

    I think Dmax really smashed it out of the park with this one. That 3l turbo would last 300000 km easy

  20. Chuck Person

    Wish we could buy those here in the states!!!

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