Sep 06

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross | First Drive | Autocar India

With the D-Max V-Cross, Isuzu has decided to offer a fun and purposeful proposition to tickle your adventure bone. Gavin D’Souza tries to push it to its full potential.

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  1. praco Praco

    the best pickup truck…..better than the hilux,mahindra scorpi

  2. Prashant Subramanian

    Downer.. internationally this truck come with a 3.0ltr engine and electronic steering wheel and gave it a miss to India maybe to keep prices low..It can he made so gorgeous with maxiss off road tyres, air suspension for the rear and off road kits imported from Thailand… I game for it…

  3. Abhijit Das

    It is an UTE…pick up trucks are much more massive than this.

  4. silk rOuTe

    much appreciatedGavin. good one.

  5. anirudh yuvaraj

    please review force gurkha

  6. punjabi

    i already booked in white and i will modify it to make it look even better.

  7. khai am

    If this got success then am sure toyota will bring there hilux to indian market

  8. Shankar Menon

    Estates and Lifestyle pickup trucks. These are the only segments of cars that we Indians ironically hate.

  9. The Church at Kharghar

    Drove it! Its a good start for pick ups in India. We went through some hard bumps.. came through well

  10. ‫مناحي هﻻل المطيري‬‎

    كم حصان محركها؟

  11. pinger56

    very nice isuzu, very durable pick up.

  12. rajneesh sharma

    Stop calling it a car please!!! For gods sake its a pickup truck.

  13. Manish Hazarika

    Liked the way Gavin review the suv. Keep up the good work. A good one from Isuzu but they need to price it aggressively and most importantly make their products available across the country.

  14. Rupak Hattikudur

    Finally pick up trucks in India! Waiting for the Hilux.

  15. Shivank Chaturvedi

    Do you not know of the term "pick-up truck"?

  16. Jason Williams

    Hi Gavin great review however you have not indicated 0 to 100 timing

  17. btarunr

    Excellent value for money.

  18. Gurpal Singh Chahal

    Nice review.. I totally agree with the second row seat ht is low with not enough thigh support and seat is a bit upright….but iam still going to buy this… thanks for the review…


    finally indian automakers have got some common sense

  20. Sumit John

    I seem to be the only person in this comment section excited for this new truck in India.
    Trust me- this vehicle will appeal to so many people in India.

  21. shubham jharwal

    buy this "truck" and modify into the complete "SUV"

  22. Vishak

    A real man can back up his car without all the electronics.

  23. Hussain Ali

    wooww nice review city,highway,off road test nice really

  24. rohit r

    why cant they cover the loading bay ?

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