May 13

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross | First Drive Impression | Motown India

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross (4×4) is India’s First Adventure Utility Vehicle. A globally proven off-roader with a capable 4WD, the V-Cross is also a premium 5-seater urban vehicle. This is a first-in-the-segment product in India that for the first time meets the aspirations of India’s adventure seekers.
The D-Max Crew Cab, a 4 door pickup with a cargo deck offers multi-utility capabilities for the business owners who like to drive their own pickups and carry their crew and material with them. The D-Max Single Cab and D-Max Cab-Chassis variant addresses the needs of India’s modern business and commercial vehicle owners.
The bookings for the new generation Isuzu vehicles will soon be started followed by deliveries at Isuzu dealerships all over India.

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  1. Tharun Ajith

    good job doing a review on such a beautiful vehicle. Can't wait for the actual hands on review of this one from you all.

  2. Saugat Mahapatra

    love this truck..price is not at all high considering the plethora of features they have put in. HOWEVER, there is one thing which the reviewers did not comment and most comments here have missed. DIFF-LOCK !! there is no diff lock so its not a true offroader. A reasonably good offroader I would say but no diff lock means nothing more serious than a bad piece of road. that ways the Gurkha is still the top.
    But nevertheless, its definitely an amazing vehicle and worth waiting for !! Next time take this car for a longer drive, you're eventually doing Isuzu a favor not the other way round..cheers

  3. Aritra Ray

    great review, probably its the first review of such an elegant pickup in India
    since isuzu is focusing this for private use , I was looking for few more details
    the interior quality , the entertainment system details , rear seat comfort and space , the ride quality , handling as you mentioned would be better with the new chassis but we need to know more about the chassis
    for more savvy car buyers
    ground clearance , a little bit more on engine , leaf setup in rear.
    Over all its a good review and you have covered a lot in the 6 minutes. As you promised , will be looking forward to an indepth review of the car.

    Some one mentioned that the presenter is fumbling…. try to drive on very Hot day in Andhra and on a rough road, will talk then. Some one also mentioned you cant shift on fly, I suggest Motown you are above all this and you need not answer them. They will google it later and learn it the hard way, never make the mistake of posting such questions again.
    And to rest, reviewing a car is not easy, instead of criticizing please appreciate the effort that goes into it.
    Its because of these reviewers, 90% of time we get a chance to see the car in flesh, even before its launched.

  4. Shaurya Kumar Gautam

    can we get some more videos about this Ute.

  5. ramapratheek kariyal

    Reviewer Don't know that non of these vehicle can Shift to 4X4 low on fly,
    I think TATA Xenon XT is way better than this with ABS, EBD and 4X4 SOF …
    Though Isuzu Engine is better ..

  6. Kenaz Mathew

    I was waiting for this beast for years now. and kept my hopes really up.. and finally when it arrived it brought tears to my eyes to understand that i may not be able to make one of these beast my own; for the price it holds in the market!!
    Quiet an expensive mammoth it is ..
    Pick-ups lifestyle is just moving into Indian and people are just getting to understand its use and importance… with that in mind Isuzu should have been a little towards the softer side while pricing it.
    Wonder how much it will be price don road in bangalore?? could someone put some light on that??

    Otherwise this machine is always been my favourite.
    Cheers. :)

  7. au1947

    very nice review

  8. Rudy Kharmawphlang

    Can't wait to gt my hands on this wonderful beast..

  9. kaihtheloner

    Not trying to sound rude but the reviewer seemed to be fumbling with his words and ah well.. it was taken in the heat of the moment so I guess its okay. The information just wasn't that understandable to be honest. Good effort Sir.

  10. kaihtheloner

    Kudos to Motown for reviewing this. Good job guys, I think you're the only one up with a first drive impression moments after the factory was inaugurated. I see two people disliked it, must be hardcore Tata Xenon fans I guess, haha.

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