Jul 26

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross – Road Test Review

The lifestyle version of the previous generation D-Max didn’t do as well in India as its commercial counterpart did. But Rohit believes that the new D-Max V-Cross could change that!

Location Courtesy: Adventure Maval


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  1. shivam shingla

    The interiors are same as Chevrolet Trailblazer … Surprising

  2. Sunil KUMAR K.P

    very nice review… & d place shown in d introduction is really awesome…

  3. Rakesh Tyagi

    very very Nice CAR

  4. Bobby Chakraborty

    i live in thailand and pick ups are common over there.

  5. Vivaan singh

    wow After buying this ,you will get attention like Sports car ???

  6. Soumya Ghosh

    very good review…now I want one too.. :D

  7. btarunr

    Fantastic pricing! You're spending Duster/Creta top-end money on something 1.5X the size, more power, an AWD system, and inherently more space being a pickup. Interiors have everything I wanted. Hope Isuzu sells hard bed covers with gas-piston hinges as an accessory.

  8. siddharth bangera

    not big enough for a motorcycle……no sale :(

  9. C&F yalahanka

    impressed. 1st comment btw?

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