Apr 22

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross Test Drive Review – Autoportal

Isuzu D Max V Cross – https://autoportal.com/newcars/isuzu/dmax-v-cross/

India is not a big market for lifestyle pick-up trucks, but Isuzu wants to change the trend with their latest offering – the 4×4 D-Max V-Cross pickup truck. Dubbed as the country’s first adventure utility vehicle, the D-Max V-Cross offers a proper 5-seater cabin, a punchy and refined diesel engine, 4×4 capability, a large deck to load a lot of stuff, and the butch looks. So, is it a credible competitor to established regular SUVs in the market or not? Here’s our video test drive review of the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross 4×4.

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  1. Nitin

    Can someone tell him how much annoying his AND An AND AN AND causes? He will ensure every single AND is heard or may be he wants us to count them and tell him through comments.


    sir how much on road chandigarh

  3. Vipin Panchal

    And i dislike for aannnddd

  4. Joydeb Garai.

    Does Renault Qwid belong BS -3 ENGINE?

  5. Joydeb Garai.

    Does Renault Qwid belong BS -3 ENGINE?

  6. vishal naidu

    Ashish, Just a thought – you should wear camouflage pants and some stylish t-shirt for reviewing SUVs . . .

  7. Jayprakash Kambli

    pls do the detailed road test of force Gurkha expedition and explorer models and compare it with Isuzu

  8. XEvilxknievilX

    This dude is just the kind of person who can read out those Mutual Fund disclaimers in TV ads that are usually sped up to save time. With him, you won't need to speed it up.

  9. Sumanjit Goswami

    can we get review of tata xenon xt and scorpio getway

  10. Abhijeet Sharan

    Hi ! Can you guys do an urgent video on the reasons for Ashwin Sundar s BMW catching fire ? As auto philes all of us are anguished at Ashwins sad demise …In any EU or US the car company would have been fined for compromising safety …have w you even heard of BMW catching fire in the US ? Is it that the Germans are compromising safety in India,to make a quick buck ? Or is it that in their over enthusiasm to achieve that elusive 50:50 weight distribution the BMW s are compromising on crash worthiness in pole crash ……Please do an analysis

  11. aniket kokate

    sir tata tiago automatic pe video banaiye

  12. ALL videos

    what is its onroad price

  13. Arhan Malik

    Make a video on "Range Rover Velar."

  14. Deepjot Rekhi

    what and old car to review.
    when is the 2017 version coming?
    with at?

  15. Shantanu Sharma

    Ashish 5"10' Masih

  16. The Fun Geek

    Does it has space for "NIC NACS."..😂😂😂😂

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