May 30

Isuzu D'max facelift model launched.

Gandhara has introduced the Isuzu d Max facelift. And its booking has also been issued. There was not much change in the new face. But the car must first give a beautiful look. Minor changes to the front grille that you can see in the comparison picture. In headlights, high beam reflectors have been removed and single projectors for high and low beams have been used. And the chrome trim lights look out of place. DRLS are molded into L-shape. Similarly, there has been a slight change in the fog lamp apparatus. If you go to the interior, there is nothing new there. Stitched soft material is used on the door panel. If you look at the features, the cruise control option will be available in the feelift model.
Along with the fee lift, car prices have also changed. The price of the manual variant of the D-Max V-Cross has been increased by Rs 100,000 while the price of the automatic model has been increased by Rs 200,000. With which the manual transmission has reached 58 lakh while the automatic variant has reached 61 lakh.
Gandhara Industries Limited launched the car in the Pakistani market in November 2018. But the early quarters weren’t much better. In fact, whatever vehicles were launched in the first or first quarter of 2019. Their sales have not been satisfactory. The reason for this was that the hesitations of the economy have increased the price of cars so much that since then the sales of cars have been steadily declining. If we talk about March 2012, about 8600 units of Toyota Hilux were sold. While only 825 units of D-Max could leave the showroom.
So there is no compression of these two vehicles, but since they are vehicles of the local market, they have to be talked about.
The Toyota Hilux has a 52-year history and is present in almost every market in the world. That’s why Hilux’s strength and durability are its hallmarks.
If we talk about Isuzu de Max, it was first introduced in 2002. And there is no doubt that the Isuzu D Max is a strong and excellent vehicle but it will still require more work.

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