Aug 18

Isuzu KB 3.0 4×4 double-cab pickup review

Isuzu KB 3.0 double-cab pickup 4×4 test through South Africa, from Western Cape to Natal by Steve Searle and Andrew St.Pierre White. If you enjoy Andrew’s videos, click here: http://www.patreon.com/Andrew_StPierre_White


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  1. aaditya mundhalia

    Thanks Andrew I am thinking about a duel cab and was really hoping a good review. Thanks a lot.

  2. Christian Bjoraa

    Will you test the new Mitsubishi L200/Triton any time soon?

  3. Yochith Thimmaiah

    thank you man
    that was helpfull….

  4. matty t

    Good to see a review by someone spending time with a vehicle, rather than reading the specs and driving it around town for an hour….

  5. Raj Patil

    2.5 Dmax Vcross isuzu is available in INDIA. i am going to buy it in few months. now seeing your review. i am sure that i am making a good choice. thank you 😊

  6. Russ Laye

    Mate, 3 days rain. Morons round every corner. Have you forgotten the average commute in the UK?

  7. Hussam Nasar

    i am waiting for africa expedition..still waiting for all episodes..plz share all till 16

  8. Malcolm Randall

    I have just bought the Isuzu Blade (UK) 2.5 Auto and had Ive had it around 8 months now and done 24000 miles and all on road. The car has performed well and Im very happy with it. Thanks for your review:-)

  9. john wm

    stunning review…i am in the market for a 4×4 and will be going to GM

  10. shadowdance4666

    Is it a diesel?

  11. RK Chiloane

    haha that Oscar bit got me laughing

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