Jan 24

Isuzu MU-X 2019 review: LS-U 4×4

The Isuzu MU-X may not be as technologically advanced or refined as, say, the Ford Everest, but it outsells it almost two to one. Matt Campbell finds out why, and if it’s the best offering in the class.

Read Matt’s full review here: https://carsgui.de/2CTDeoF

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  1. roman luck

    The interior can compete with SUVS in the 90s like holy shit! It's fukn garbage. That being said it's really capable off road!

  2. indra kusuma wijaya

    isuzu is built to last

  3. Chris Maher

    Remember people, when it comes to 4×4 and engines.. Isuzu make commercial trucks, their main industry is commercial. How many other car manufacturers can you say that of?

    Had this vehicle for 3 years, hasn't skipped a beat and I flog it off road.

    Seen plenty of hilux's fail 😎

  4. mohammad hossein Taghavi

    Only 25 000 $ in Philippines

  5. InspiredObserver

    What a review, nailed it in less than 10 mins!

  6. II_4_R_Z_II

    You don’t see as many of these in New Zealand suppose to the ford Everest

  7. Peter McCormack

    I was disappointed with your review, the MUX is a far better vehicle than you suggest, I had been a Ford owner nearly all my life but sadly Ford have lost me for reasons I won't go into, MUX for my next new vehicle simply because they are so simple, reliable and a really joy to drive in virtually all road conditions with great back up by the Isuzu company through an expanding dealership network. The other vehicle I had considered was the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, my weekend test drive was extremely good, I loved driving the vehicle but my fear was reliability, I then test drove the MUX and was extremely surprised at how car like it felt and compared closely for driving feel to a Grand Cherokee. I am not a hard headed off roader so I won't be taking it to the end of civilisation, I will most likely go for a 4 wheel drive version simply because I believe it may be a better resale option to have if ever I decide to sell. I normally keep cars for life if they are good to me.

  8. Titanium Quarrion

    If you need lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring you shouldn't be driving a car…..

  9. Jimmy Alanano

    Ugly version

  10. Isuzu Bighorn

    which are the passenger seat conscious other suvs that beats the Mux ?

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