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Isuzu MU-X 2020 review: LS-T 4WD

This week my family and I were heading up the north coast of NSW for our summer holiday, and I needed a big car to fit everything in. Enter the Isuzu MU-X. A large seven seat 4WD that looks as tough as it sounds.

I test drove the MU-X LS-T 4×4 which is at the top of a range of three grades. It costs $54,990 drive-away and competes with cars like the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and the Toyota Fortuner.

The MU-X definitely looks like it means business, and that it can handle almost anything, That’s what the exterior is telling you.

There’s nothing refined or sophisticated about the MU-X, with a large, bullish front end and square-ish back end. Could they have done better? Most certainly, but it’s not a car you’re buying for looks. This car is about functionality and doing a job. Looks don’t come into the equation.

The inside is a little more stylish, but you still feel as though the car is built with the purpose of going off-road, with the intent to power through whatever mud you can sling at it.

Hence the plastic-y finishes around the dash and doors, the leather-ish seats that will wipe clean, and the functional centre console area with a satisfyingly large dial for changing the air temperature. All this is quite well put together, so you feel good sitting in it.

To take away on a long road trip, the Isuzu MU-X served my family and I well this week. It was really solid on the drive and happiest on the open road.

It was big enough to fit everything we needed for a week long holiday, including the puppy crate, and while it’s not the most stylish vehicle in town, it certainly looks like it’s meant to be tough. Fuel consumption is not bad but I would still like to see a hybrid option.

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  1. brett payne

    Its not designed to take the kis to socer or drive them to 2hrs to grandma's

  2. tom b

    Her life is one family road trip.

  3. Stendec Stretcher

    Wait until the new model comes out don't be tempted by cheap run out models unless your a grey nomad and don't know how to use the new tech.

  4. kp

    Didn’t talk about hubby?

  5. Kenneth john

    This isnt new. Check the Isuzu launched in Thailand

  6. Happy Robins

    Isuzu should be ashamed of themselves 👎👎🤣

  7. John van den bosch

    No Android, one usb charger for the second row and cheap looking interior. Checked one out at dealership will wait for the updated Pajero Sport.

  8. Ro' Chapman

    They should have put a V-6 in it as an option instead a 4 and tech is not good Isuzu was here in the states had an isuzu Rodeo ls 2004 brought it new , it was good but the V-6 engine was not good

  9. madhardcorenick

    Good dependable 4WD but it starting to get long in the tooth. I personally wouldn't get one of these new since other manufactures offer you more for similar amount of money. However, in the used market, this is a solid choice, since the car hasn't been changed for nearly 8 years. Plus, should you choose to do so, replace that stock stereo with an aftermarket double din unit that support apple carplay and android auto.

  10. Mojo

    they need an updater like the new dmax has– i wont buy this old car, needs a v6 turbo diesel as a matter of urgency

  11. 1 Nando

    Looks old in today's market, will look like it's from another era in 5 years. Only thing going for it is reliabilty

  12. CJ Masters

    Honestly LOVE your reviews!

  13. Francois Gultig

    Dependable but really old school and in 5 years will be like driving an ox wagon

  14. dino saucers

    Milf o clock

  15. ShroomWalrus

    It just looks old in and out… And effectively speaking it is old.

  16. Edward John Cosep

    The Mu-x is not about technology it's about offroad capability, space and reliability

  17. Tom Hope

    SsangYong Rexton ultimate way better in every way

  18. Greg Burville

    No modern safety tech and no phone mirroring? Are they having a laugh?

    Who wants to be stuck with the inbuilt maps that are updated annually (if you're lucky) and then being offered updated for hundreds of dollars?

    The Pajero Sport (especially the 2020 facelift) is a much better option.

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