Jul 26

Isuzu V-Cross 4×4, Thar CRDe with MLD: Offroading in Mud

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross 4×4, new Mahindra Thar 4×4 with MLD Autolocker: Offroading in Mud. July 2017. Delhi NCR, India.


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  1. Anmol Sahota

    What is MLD?

  2. Azhar Alvi

    Up next, rock climbing. Pretty please. Enough of sandy trails. This mud trail was a breath of fresh air.

  3. sheel priye

    Pretty easy to comment sitting in front of a PC, but wouldn't steering left/right helped a bit?
    @ Ace – where are those MT tires?

  4. Harsh arora

    Hi anshuman what about our indian made force Gurkha

  5. noren bordoloi

    happy to see mud at last..

  6. Nomadic Riders

    your videos are awesome!

  7. Jon Samuel

    We need more of this in India so that we can have more pick up trucks in the market. Ford ranger, Hilux or even the F150

  8. Abdul Halim

    I keep checking most of your videos. I was always excited about ISUZU's performance in mud. I am very happy today.. I would like you ask you how good Isuzu is as a brand? I am much inclined towards Dmax Vcross. Will it be good as a touring vehicle in comparison to Duster AWD and Hexa 4×4?

  9. The L3 -Love,live ,Lift

    Breaking in slush ✖️. V cross driver 👌🏻👍🏻. Great video

  10. Yogesh Sharma

    nice mud driving sir

  11. Rahul's Experiences

    Anshuman Bro another amazing Video but Just one suggestion please never winch with a cable when people are sitting inside the car or if you ever need to do it please lift the bonnet up. The cable can snap anytime especially when there is such a large difference in the weight of both the cars and injure people sitting inside. Love your work, please don't mind it's just a humble request because I love what you guys do 😀

  12. Rujul Satpute

    why don't try moving really slowly and constantly until being stuck. I reckon that would make you go farthest, rather than stepping on the throttle and then creating momentum, spinning wheels just dig on downward.

  13. Kisholoy Choudhury

    Great. Now this is some different stuff from the usual.

  14. KS Productions

    9:19 My Favorite Scene ❤❤

  15. KS Productions

    Ye Best Idea Hai Ek Gaadi Ka Torque Check Karne Ka!!!!

  16. Rajat B

    Hi Anshuman, what's your take on lift kit in a offroader. I heard in the long run it effects the CV joints and might even break the shaft. Could you please make a video on things to consider before doing any modification.

  17. Aman Sharma

    good stuff well done…and more videos on this terrain

  18. Renault Ranchi

    hello sir is the duster 4/2 able to do this

  19. Uday Chauhan

    i think scorpio will do it ..because of its bumpy suspension i think 🤔…..

  20. The Gadget Diary

    was waiting to see Ironman splashing through the mud 🤐

  21. Kanwarjot Gill

    Not the best idea going into a muddy pond without M/T. But still fun to watch!

  22. Ishank Maheshwari

    is there any spesific reason for red tape on Gypsy head light?

  23. Abir Khurana

    there is no match for the ironman ❤️

  24. Harsh Sharma

    all Ur videos are superb and show how much passionate u r about these vehicles nd offroading nd this one is no exception
    great work Ashu sir😎👍👌

  25. smit Patil

    mai daal diya continental ats, feels awesome confident while driving 🚘

  26. Indian Stunners

    Ironman fully serviced?? Looking awsm.

  27. arun mithrason

    M/T would have made the difference..

  28. Harsh Sharma

    Excellent video… Happy to see the V-Cross performance in mud but the driver has the skills 🙂
    I hope I also join you sometime in NCR. I learned lot of things from your videos. Cheers!!

  29. Abhinav Sinha

    there is so much to learn from you all. thanks!

  30. Saurabh Savyasachi Chaturvedi

    Currently I'm owning a 2006 Toyota Innova. I have done 1.5Lacs kms with it and it's still feels like new. Is Isuzu is this much reliable in long run,?

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