Jun 24

KIA Motors K2700 – Vehicle Presentation

KIA Motors K2700 – Vehicle Presentation


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  1. Nelly Asto Reza

    guiero el precio

  2. Kandela Brown

    I have this truck. Only 80 hp, A/C crapped out at 60,000 miles, third gear very difficult to shift into. Door locks have a mind if their own. Radio and speakers are absolute shit. The frame is so ridged that parking on an asphalted uneven parking lot has at times left stuck; spinning one of the back tires without moving. 80hp is barely enough to get this thing going without a load, imagine with. I'm on a small island and so it's okay. But this thing in the states will cause trouble. You Americans just be happy with your big diesel V8s.

  3. Kadyr Satiev



  4. Jefrey Landicho

    i didnt know the rock was a sales agent

  5. Emilce Bonafede

    quiero informacion sobre el precio y fomas de pago

  6. ابو يزن

    الله يرزقنا وحده

  7. Harol Obando

    AYUDA AYUDAAA. amigos tengo un camion kia 2700 4WD. Me le agarro un sonido como por la trasmicion un sonido como runnn runn runnn ruun algo asi talves me puedan ayudar ayuda por favor.

  8. Alwele Pojas

    i want this. i badly need this…

  9. Huug Buug

    fucking car

  10. james gurney

    I guess you will not see this truck in North America – What is the front impact assessment ?
    What is the ease of doing engine maintenance – does the cab tilt forward to get at the engine ? The battery location is not good in snow prone countries ?

  11. Nap Root

    Would like to hear more about safety .

  12. nemar luayon

    how much km you run in 1liter


    جميلة . احسن بيك اب في العالم

  14. ابوبسام القيسي

    2700فاشله بنجو3000وبس

  15. حسون خلود

    والله حلوة

  16. Visaural

    Ah, my family has owned one of these ever since 2006. It is definitely one of the most durable commercial vehicles built.

  17. Pierre Louis

    ALL kia are slow even if they just come out of the manufacture.You can go 100 miles and hour and another vehicle that goes 60 miles an hour pass you.

  18. 327bladerunner

    its ashame other countries get the cool vehicles, while in the usa we have to settle for e.p.a. approved crap that all look alike.

  19. lugue79

    What is the oil filter specification? 2014 model year. thanks. 

  20. ali sore

    خوش سيارة بس بيهة عيب واحد وهو محتاجة نمرة كير سادسة بدل الخمسة

  21. Johnny Dramna

    I have this truck and its great. Only problem is it's loud inside the cab and slow.

  22. Hirai Haruhiko

    I am looking at this vehicle in order to check the type engine(model of Engine) thanks.


    مناقري احمد ينتظره إن شآ الله (كونترا عل غيرين او ولاد البرقي)

  24. Ladisteo Yongski

    any other suggestions for brands? I'm planning to get one for my new business.

  25. john brown

    I wondered what happened to the Mazda E2000 dual rear wheel 9 foot tray truck,look under this Kia and you will see who bought all the tooling, I used to drive an E2000 and I imagine that the engine and maybe the gear box may be the the main changes to the Mazda.

  26. cmania2000

    Wow u r a wonderful presenter

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