Apr 12

LOUD Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 BBM Motorsport w/ Capristo Exhaust!

Now that’s a modern day American Muscle car! This video shows you a 707HP Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 tuned by BBM Motorsport and equipped with a very loud custom build Capristo exhaust with fully variable exhaust system, where you can open and close the valves! Under the hood you will find a Supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8 upgraded to 702HP! This Z06 is also equipped with aftermarket carbon parts and 19inch OZ Ultraleggera wheels!

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  1. JackedVideo

    I see a problem in a corvette beating a Benz. I'm sure an m3 or m5 BMW would beat both

  2. sebastian isaac pangilinan

    its loud as shit

  3. Meraki Autoworks


  4. Jin Kim

    sweeeeettttt! What's up with the weird rear lights?

  5. mrackelito1

    12.69 in a 707 hp corvette? The Americans needs to learn these guys how to dragrace

  6. Hatsune Miku

    driven by Rosanna pansino

  7. Forza Gamer

    I have a weird obsession with corvettes… maybe because my uncle owns a C7 stingray

  8. JuergenGDB

    Love this channel.  Its crazy I was just visiting another site and had this DB non petrol head from the Netherlands say that all American cars are shit….  Then I come over to this video and the beginning is crazy.. just a bunch of sick Muscle and American Sports cars…  IN EUROPE… crazy right?


    respect the Vette. It's a BEAST.

  10. The Naked Argonian

    I've… never heard anything like that in my life.

  11. Mad Mike

    Germany may have their luxury (who cares about luxury?) but AMERICA will crush you on the strip or track

  12. R1Predator

    The akrapivoc exhaust is the best by far

  13. bocajuniors55

    I assume the Vette Z06 is well loved and respected in Germany. Must be rare sight

  14. AquariusLady Gorgeouz

    It's ridiculous how hard it is to get a vehicle now a days. The car industry is actually bankrupted that's why it is so challenging getting a car and then you must finance it through a bank unless you plan on buying it which is near impossible. Plus car insurance is so expensive that it is too hard to afford compared to most people's salaries.

  15. GregoCatal

    That, my friends, is a complete package.

  16. Gustavo Fernandez

    What's up with the back lights on the corvette? Lol

  17. Christopher Ovrebo

    Why are they launching from an idle?

  18. PieroPereyra

    what are those bumps under the headlight???

  19. Matt Glinski

    why did the mustang beat it? what did mustang have?

  20. GTR- BaSiIL-GTR


  21. ÁGUA DA VITÓRIA ou apenas NataN

    Visceral esse som!!! Alemães com inveja…

  22. Georgia Fan

    Sounds great but the driver has to work the lights better. The C7's 707hp got lost at the line. He should have run deep down into the elevens. He did lose traction up front. Slicks would have helped him. Exhaust is awesome.

  23. Rancher Sam

    so the porsche won

  24. Black Waterdogs

    INCREDIBLY SLOW !!! The quickest car here ran high 12s….that`s pathetic….

  25. Rip Jawzz

    Brutal Vettes!!

  26. peter rabbit

    to much power for frwd Corvette needs to go mid engine!

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