Apr 10

Mercedes X-Class vs VW Amarok vs Hilux vs Ranger vs L200 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

We’re going for something a little different in our latest drag race! Five of the best pickups around are going head-to-head across a drag race, rolling race and brake test! The Amarok looks to be the most powerful, with a 3.0-litre V6 under the bonnet, but can any of the other competitors spring a surprise? Join Mat in his latest drag race to find out!

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  1. Sérgio Freitas

    Nice -Nissan Navara-, waaaait I mean Mercedes…

  2. MrGavinRossdale

    Next, off road.. Hilux will outclass all of them.
    And please try manual stick shift next drag race.
    Nice review man.

  3. TheMrJurand2

    So many complaining about wrong spec in cars put into competition. Not for the first time. I thought something has changed but nope.. that's why I don't watch and don't like " car wow"…

  4. Creen

    I didn't even know any of these but the ranger existed.

  5. andre adkins

    Unfair test , why test a 3.0L amarok instead of its low range 2.0L as the rest of the low range models

  6. Harvinder Singh

    I have FORD ENDEAVOR 2019 With 201 hp and cost less than these cars ( INDIA )

  7. fiddevogel

    3.2 5zyl Ranger….that would have easily won

  8. Emilio abi khalil

    It’s a shame you haven’t raced the SR5 Toyota Hilux

  9. mats_vlogs

    While i way 2 kilos well that thing and you is very light my dear freind

  10. Edvinne Smith

    Not a good comparison.. testing an entry level 2.4 Hilux with the top of the range 3l V6 Amarok. Would be fair if it was the 2.0l entry level Amarok or the 2.8 Hilux

  11. John Wick

    I didn’t know that Mercedes have a pickup truck cuz I never seen it

  12. John Wick

    I didn’t know that Mercedes have a pickup truck cuz I never seen it

  13. John Wick

    I didn’t know that Mercedes have a pickup truck cuz I never seen it

  14. alelokox88

    In 20 years the hilux will still running like that day lol

  15. Vincemari Matbagon

    Omg it work for me received $2365 from this amazing website its real

  16. bastianfrom77

    Why Not Test Offroad capabilities Lamborghini vs Ferrari vs Porsche

  17. WIS

    Isuzu d max with 2 turbo .

  18. mester orange

    Why you pic a weak Mercedes one?


    All but the ranger is banned from the us 😪

  20. kp46

    Toyota will still be running for next 30years

  21. Ellis Paulin

    Hilux is still the king!
    The L200 looks absolutely ridiculous!

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