Sep 15

New 2019 Isuzu D-max X series, new Pickup

ISUZU MU-X 2018 – The SUV has got a NEW INTERIOR
The list of new frame off-road vehicles of 2018-2019 was supplemented by Isuzu Mu-X, which survived not only facelift of the exterior of the body, but also received a more modern interior. The Isuzu Mu-X off-road car with a fresh appearance, a new interior, a solid set of modern equipment and powerful 1.9 and 3.0-liter turbo diesel engines entered the Chinese market on December 26, 2018. In our review, the new Isuzu Mu-X 2018-2019 – photo, price, configuration and technical characteristics of a large frame SUV capable of taking on board 5-7 people. Sales of new items have already started in China under the price of 178800 yuan for the basic version of the Isuzu Mu-X with a 1.9-liter 163-horsepower diesel engine, 6 automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive to 268,800 yuan for the most expensive and heaped version of the car with a 3.0- liter 177-strong turbodiesel, 6 automatic transmission and four-wheel drive 4WD.

As a small digression, we would like to remind our readers that the restyled Isuzu MU-X with an updated appearance debuted at the very beginning of 2017 in Thailand, but … the SUV could please potential buyers only with a more modern exterior design of the body, and no more. The debut in the Chinese market Isuzu Mu-X 2018-2019 model year flaunts not only the new appearance, but also an absolutely reformatted interior with modern architecture of the front panel and center console, a new steering wheel and dashboard, an advanced multimedia system supporting 4G and Apple CarPlay with an 8-inch color touch screen, a new climate control unit, more comfortable first-row seats with expressive side-support rollers and better finishing materials. The Chinese motorists were the first to get the completely new Isuzu Mu-X, in early 2018 the SUV with the new showroom will also go to other markets, and maybe even get to Russia, where the Isuzu Motors company is so far represented only by the Isuzu D-Max pickup, which, by the way, donor to Isuzu Mu-X.


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  1. Jhonatan Pareja

    Cómo todas la camionetas de hoy en día puro lujo y plástico,pero hay que verlas en la trocha escarbando lodo y verán a dónde van a dar todas su tapas de plástico

  2. Jhonatan Pareja

    Muy lujosa,cómo para tirarla al lodo y el trabajo duro

  3. Tania Plir

    اسوء انواع السيارات

  4. สมชาย กอใหญ่กลาง


  5. Jose Vasquez

    Cómo todas los carros, nuevos solo lujo y plástico y las personas se sorprenden por cosas. QUE ya no duran como antes, que en berda si las hacían a Conciencia, y no por el dinero. Y hoy es todo lo contrario malos. Y valen mucho.

  6. พงศ์ศรณ์ พัชระธนาโชติ

    ใหนๆก็เก่งเรื่องเครื่อง ดีเซล อยากให้ผลิต เครื่อง 1200 cc. 350 hp. ให้แซงฟอร์ดไปเลย และ4×4 ทำเครื่อง 1200 cc. ด้วย คนไทยจะไม่ต้องภาษีแพง ทำเลย ครับ เชียร์ขาดใจ

  7. V.Amuthavel Vel

    Isuzu car lovers like here

  8. Eyra Moncada

    Horrible! !😠

  9. adithya dev

    One of beautiful cars ever…I am just crazy about Isuzu

  10. Marzug T

    غاليه جدا .. جدا .. جدا … ياخي هي بكب سياره شحن … اشتري دينه اسيزو ارخص منها …. صار سعرها زي سعر جيب 2015 جي اكس ار … انتو صاحين .. ايش الغلا في سيارات اسيزو … ما زلات شعبيتها قليله … نظرا لسعر الخرافي لها وكيل مانيب قايل … ابن …….. وقطع ما تلقي الا في الوكاله …. وغاليه ….

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