Aug 08

New Brand Face: First Glimpse at Opel’s New Concept Car

Opel’s new brand concept car gives a first impression of what the future holds and what Opel models will look like by the mid-2020s. It is the first vehicle to feature the new Opel face.

The Opel GT X Experimental follows the new “Opel Compass”, which clearly structures the front design of future models and is simply unmistakeable. The main feature of the compass is two prominent axes that insect the brand emblem. On the one hand, this is the characteristic centre crease on the bonnet and on the other, the wing-shaped daytime running light signature. The legendary “Blitz” forms the focus point of the design.

The headlights, daytime running lights, the cameras and sensors of the assistance systems, along with the Blitz are framed by a unique design element. This element is reminiscent of the eye slot of a motorbike helmet and is therefore called “Vizor”. The Opel “Vizor” makes its debut on the GT X Experimental and will give future Opel models a new, distinctive, bold and pure face.

It is becoming ever clearer, Opel is unleashing new potentials. After only one year of being part of Groupe PSA and only nine months since announcing our PACE! strategic plan, we have become a lot more efficient and can look to the future with great confidence.

The new Opel GT X Experimental will be revealed later this year and its name emphasises a long tradition of trendsetting concept cars at Opel.

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  1. Marshall Walker

    Please opel make cars with rwd, and where is Astra K Opc?

  2. AutoCorp

    Can I show you at least the rear lights?😲

  3. Legenda

    Rwd future and awd please 😀 Nice concept car!

  4. Luca Borghi

    Amazing i can't whait the 2025😆😆😆

  5. Alexander Riley

    All good and well and looking very nice. However, I think that in the next year or two, Opel should seriously concentrate on a budget car, that they can flood to all the markets and not only Ireland. Opel South Africa is struggling after the announcement of GM leaving. I don't want to see Opel leaving the country, because they make brilliant cars. We need something similar to a Chevrolet Spark, like the Opel Karl.
    I have offered to work with Reeds to make videos, that'll attract consumers and gain their trust in the brand again, unfortunately I was unsuccessful. Please Opel, we need a new Spark in the Opel line up in South Africa.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. JamesOwen

    Missed opportunity for a Manta C

  7. Joy Mofokeng

    Really?? You didn't show us anything

  8. Сергей Сергеев

    It's terrible…another French-Chinese

  9. Uri pita

    Japanese cars are more reliable.

  10. tygal soulami

    V6 pleaseeeeeeeeee

  11. Sérgio Bonussi

    finally gm era is gone!!!

  12. Florian G

    The Look is stylish and classy, very nice. Please don't waste it on SUVs, fat diesel cars or hold it back until 2025. Please develop an electic Manta (A) or Ascona (A) line with that style. Could be the German Tesla Model 3.

  13. Reefer

    I hope it's a lot better than the Rubbish being sent to Australia! Opel have been in Australia now three times? in my memory! and each time the cars were RUBBISH, even some of the Holden Torana's ran opel drive trains, and we all know which ones, because as usual they were the ones that FELL apart!! the last entry to Australia by Opel lasted six months? they couldn't even give them away!! so again they left Australia, so what happens Now?
    GM closes all Holden car manufacturing in Australia, (Holden is a branch of General Motors, but with better cars)
    and again they sell Opel crap that falls apart in Australia, ……..only now their calling them Holdens!!!
    OMG how stupid do they think Australia is?? Giving 5 year warranty's wont help either! or lowering the price! we all know what happens to Opels in Australia, THEY FALL APART AND HAVE VERY SHORT USEFUL LIVES, so we will probably in the next couple of years see the demise of Holden ALTOGETHER in Australia, unless they drop these Opels very Quickly!!! come on GM get your act together or lose the trade altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wzetman


  15. Opel Club Cape Town - OCCT

    BRILLIANT stuff! 🙂

  16. Opel - Wir leben Autos.

    Let Michael make more of these videos

  17. Michi2jo

    Baut doch mal lieber nen manta x da würden sich mehr Leute drüber freuen als über nen über nen gt

  18. Richard.L


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