May 15

New Mercedes X-Class

2017 Mercedes X-Class arrives and the ‘premium pick-up’ is born.
2018 Mercedes X-Class luxury pickup,
The new Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck will go on sale late in 2017, dropping Mercedes right into the global mid-sized pick-up market

The new Mercedes X-Class pick-up truck will go on sale in November 2017, dropping Mercedes right into the global mid-sized pick-up market

Yes, Mercedes is building a pick-up truck. It’s called the Mercedes X-Class and it’s due on sale in the UK towards the end of 2017. Mercedes confirmed all of the above at a reveal event for the X-Class in Stockholm, Sweden, where it unveiled not the final production model but a near production concept dubbed the Mercedes Concept X-Class.

In fact, we’ve been treated to two distinct concept versions of the new truck that’s being built on the robust ladder frame platform shared with the Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan pick-ups under Mercedes’ deal with the Renault-Nissan Alliance. First, the Concept X-Class Powerful Adventurer is an off-road focused design that sets out to underline the fact that a truck carrying the three-pointed star will still be tough. Second, the Concept X-Class Stylish Explorer is intended to showcase the premium refinement that will set the Mercedes pick-up apart from rough-and-ready rivals with less illustrious badges on the nose.
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  1. Javier Arguello

    Ugly ass truck. Too much luxury. A pickup is meant to be mean and tough

  2. Raul Arias

    The most unappealing thing about this potential truck will be the price. Assuming it goes into production.

  3. Vel Boone

    Beautiful. . Mercedes please build this.

  4. priscilla swetman

    Ugly truck inside and out. Not as luxurious . Bleh!

  5. Ger -

    Mark my words I will own one of these

  6. Marco Wersonst

    What song is it?

  7. amro amro

    Mercedes-Benz is usually a luxury car, but a pick-up car? it's a bad idea.

  8. Cheikh Ndiaye

    What is the  price

  9. christopher CM

    very ugly pickup

  10. christopher CM


  11. praco Praco

    is just a nissan navara(np300/frontier) with frontend of a mercedes…a diffrent interior…..and a pickup truck is not made for luxury feeling..

  12. slogo mareka

    Very ugly back side

  13. Dimos901 Müller

    Schönes Ding, aber die hätten mal lieber stärkere Motoren rein machen müssen

  14. Paul Stefan

    omg. …superb

  15. Michael Kiko

    soon mercedes x6 hhhh

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