Dec 16

New Opel Insignia Grand Sport: Design Presentation

Mark Adams, Vice President Design Opel/Vauxhall, reveals the new Insignia Grand Sport and its upscale quality feel.

The all-new Opel Insignia Grand Sport features an elegant silhouette with top aerodynamics in the style of a large coupé. But it’s not all about the looks: Up to 175 kilograms weight saving vs. the outgoing model, it has at the same time the most sophisticated all-wheel drive system in class, grand technologies and comfort.

The new Insigna Grand Sport will be unveiled in March 2017, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Curious for more? Watch the Insignia in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phFUshPk2So

Learn more about the new Insignia from Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann in his videocast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV7s19ZCHmQ and subscribe to our Opel YouTube channel to never miss a video again: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToOpel.

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  1. Gultekin COSAR

    Thank You very much for the presentation of this new model of Insignia. Also It became so effective to make the presentation to the Vice President. And I think he is the grandson of Adam Opel.

  2. unatics

    The question is- is this design a leap forward? Probably it is- material wise, fit and finishwise and probably tech wise. But is it a leap forward design wise? I am not so sure. The original version released in 2009 was very monumental and solid, no design flaws there. Then there came an update in 2013 and the exterior deteriorated. The front fog lamps received childish , undisciplined chrome lines, the integrity of rear taillights was ruined by added blocks, the steering wheel from a superb and simple elegance turned into an overstacked formula1 wheel. Front grille received a protruding grille and headlights received more curves. Central console received primitive looking A/C controls.The elegant all perimeter chrome line around windows became a disrupted one, as if saving pennies on chrome. The new Insignia has similar problems, the chrome line doesn`t go all around, it is disrupted. Look how Ford learned from their 2007 Mondeo and their version in 2012 received all round chrome bezel around windows. The new Insignia also has a fake window behind c-pillar, which will scratch easily after washing. Also the disrupted chrome lining is annoying. The way headlight is aligned with fenders leaves a huge gap between them. So many new cars have this huge gap between the hood/fender and headlight, and it just looks ugly. Mercedes is one of them. What is the point of a seamless alignment of fender/bumper if the headlight has a wide gap? And the station wagon seems to adopt the silly Kia Optima theme, or looks as messy as the new Altima. Give us the German discipline we see on Passat 8 not a chrome childishness we see on Kia Optima c-pillar! And please, remove that grab handle at the driver`s side roof panel. It is not professional, it distracts driver`s hand from the steering wheel. Leave it for sunglasses as you did before.

  3. Stipe Pokrajcic

    Drinking game: every time he says REALLY, drink one!

  4. Matt Steininger

    Oh look it's a German commodore

  5. Ronan Connell

    Opel are an amazing car company. New Insignia looks great, well done Opel 👍

  6. 970954894NG09

    Beautiful design!

  7. Asmodexia

    I hope that this insignia will have a good 2.0 disel engine ^^

  8. Marco Schild

    Opel ist das beste Auto!!!

  9. cjdacka

    The New Holden Commodore :'(

  10. Micha Spax

    very beautiful car, excellent design

  11. Hasan Kaymak Innovations

    Das Auto sieht sehr schön aus. Ein minimalistisches Design mit einer ausgeprägten Zickelinie und einem neuen Frontgrill. Opel Insignia ist nach einem solchen tollen Arbeit mein Traumauto. Ich hätte noch hier und da Änderungen an dem Design gemacht. Das ist aber Meckern auf höchstem Niveau. Einen Designer kann man nie zufrieden stellen, da er darnach strebt, Neues zu erfinden und umzusetzen. Ich bin mit dem Produkt soweit sehr zufrieden. Weiter so Opel.

  12. Apple Slipper

    Also known as the 2018 Holden Commodore in Australia.

  13. paytontech

    Looks nice. From the looks it's a mid sizer (Camry size). I like the sedan but the wagon's where it's at. Would love to have a compact (Corolla size) version of the wagon.

  14. Car Reviews

    very smooth and elegant… good job..

  15. SYukimi

    The next thing is the wagon body style!

  16. Michael K

    A GM company is not German one…. Sorry maybe you should try and stick Claudia Schiffer back in there to try and re-establish that German connection amongst the clueless consumers.

  17. Алексей Столба

    Pure beauty! Need this car back in Russia! (((

  18. Martin Cooper

    im guessing 95% wont be on the roadswith led headlights.

  19. Djeseret

    A magnificent work of art.

    Unfortunately, I fear that none outside Opel except I, ever will discover, realize or understand how remarkable this is… and it is very sad.

    If everyone knew how good it is, sales would double.

  20. Kevin Scherrer

    Ein Traumwagen einfach nur top !!!!

  21. John Guijt (JohnnyBNL)

    Looks awesome! Opel is entering the Audi, BMW & Mercedes-Benz like design philosophy, keep up the great work Opel!

  22. 1968bsar

    Sieht wieder mal gut aus! Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg damit!
    Es ist und bleibt einfach eine meiner Lieblingsmarken!

  23. Nikos Tzinopoulos

    Excellent! Bravo Opel!

  24. ADR Carphotography

    She looks amazing! #7in17

  25. Sinan

    Amazing! Great! The top most beautiful sedan car i have ever seen! Congrats to Mr. Adams, he again did a superb job designing such a damn hot car! Love you Opel

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