Jun 25

Nissan 1400 Bakkie Restoration: Part 2

It’s a beauty! The Nissan 1400 Bakkie exceeded all our expectations. Being the only rear wheel drive half ton bakkie, it is sure to remain a cult classic amounts the South African motoring public. And, If I can say so myself, we probably delivered one of the best looking 1400 bakkies going around. I suppose the only thing left is to hit the play button and subscribe.


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  1. Kappie van Wyk

    Hi Hein, thanks for the videos on the 1400 bakkie. I am also bussy with restorations on my 1400. Can you please give me the contact numbers of the business that have done the upholstery and the dash panel. I am also looking for the storage rack underneath the cubihole as well as the one that fit at the gear lever. My e-mail address is "kappievw@gmail.com" or W/App 0723825259. I thank you! Brgds Kappie.

  2. Christiaan Nel

    Mooi. Ek is juis in die Mark vir so een.


    Where is that place

  4. frans haimbodi

    How much did the full restoration cost , do you have an invoice

  5. shakes peter

    😂😂😂😂hein you funny and awesome bro👊👊👊👊👊

  6. lucky lehlehla

    Super nice wow, the interior is sick wow I love it. I was getting some ideas on how to do my uncles bakkei.

  7. Pierre Retief

    Where did you have the dashboard fixed? And the interior? It looks great!

  8. Drunk Tortila

    Would you be interested in exporting one to the UK

  9. PeachyPlayz

    i also hve one and i want to put twin turbo in it

  10. 9m9ify

    Excellent work. will contact via e-mail. need info for my friend regarding the interior

  11. Chris Moyo

    Nice job, can I get your contact details? I need my mother’s bakkie redone

  12. Mollie Janse van Vuuren

    Excellent, excellent Hein… 👏unbelievable how this vehicle changed from a frog 🐸 to a prince 🤴… can’t wait for the next one 👏👏👌👌good job 👌👌

  13. Rynard Roetz

    Took you long enough lol

  14. Franco Redelinghuys

    Very neat! Job well done👌🏻

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