May 26

Nissan Np200 (Infected Mushroom)

Lowered on Mk1 suspension,Custom Painted Oz futuras,And some other neat mods!




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  1. ChuckZA87

    Did you leave out the std coils at the back?

  2. badasskustoms

    it's running on vw mk1 coilovers (Maxtrac) and no it's not directly fitted, you need to modify it quite a bit

  3. Kali Moodaley

    is that a 40mm drop?

  4. Mogamat Adiel Domingo

    hey tell me was this a golf mk1 suspension fiited directly onto the bakkie? without any hastles?

  5. Alexandru Vasile

    congratulation…its absolutely superb. Nissan NP200 in South Africa, looks more cool then Dacia Logan Pick Up european version.

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