Sep 21

Offroad Bakkie Drag Race: Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger vs GWM Steed6

In the first of our three x three bakkie shootout videos, we borrowed a large gravel parking lot outside Cape Town and lined up South Africa’s two most popular bakkies against a wildcard from China.

The GWM Steed6 is a bold new entry from the brand, with a remarkably modern look and upgraded interior, it offers much of the space and comfort of its rivals, but at an almost unbelievably lower price. At R329 900, its tough not to consider when looking to buy a double cab.

The Hilux is now a bit long in the tooth and due to be replaced in 2016. But with that legendary nameplate, it still gives the Ranger a run for its money in the sales figures. In reality the Toyota still feels bulletproof but many of the changes made feel a bit like a veneer.

The new leather seats look good and the touchscreen system isn’t too bad at all, but the driving experience feels very ‘90s indeed. The long travel gear lever feels very similar to rowing a kayak and the venerable 3.0 D-4D turbo diesel has a noticeably narrow power band compared to the Ford, and is quite a bit noisier.

The Ranger should be applauded for moving the game on substantially in this important segment. It truly does offer SUV-like levels of comfort and interior space. The large 3.2 litre turbo diesel outperforms the Hilux by 27kW and 127Nm, but with an extra 200kg of bulk, the biggest difference is in the way it cruises.

With the autobox fitted, this is a bakkie I could actually live with, and it looks damn good too. The Wildtrak auto is also listed at about R20 000 cheaper than the Legend 45 manual, and its hard to work why.

The Ranger is my pick of the bunch, but at half a million rand, I’d be very tempted to pick up a nice second hand German SUV…

For a full comparison of the three, click here:


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  1. Keith Grimwood

    hes right, he is lucky hes employed

  2. trianggaindra lukmana

    1kd 3.0 d4d is most favourite diesel tuned in south asia especially thailand and indonesia

  3. Taro Leung

    Come on ranger please win!!! You can do it!!!

  4. Phoenix Veal

    But Hiluxes are the best hey

  5. jai rul

    the wildtrak road tax in malaysia is expensive.. :3

  6. David Stanley

    they all look like pure junk

  7. Ferdie Marck VBondoc

    the toyota has a manual gear so he can use almost full power of the engine in start up while the ranger has a auto and as you realize that the driver of the ranger did not use the brake torque technique so that he can use the mid power of the engine.as you see in this video the hilux obviously has more smoke dust in the tires in the start it means that he uses almost the full power of the engine using the clutch that why he has a big advantage in acceleration, while the the driver of the ranger didnt use the brake torque technique because he has less smoke in the tires he just step on the accelerator. the amrok has an 2 liter but its more in gear ratio thats why be can pull alot in acceleration but again he did not use the brake torque technique.

  8. Claire Lipovsky

    holly shit hilux win, amazing

  9. Hiram Iipumbu

    can you please use a toyota 4.0 v6 head to head with that ranger

  10. Jaco Ras

    Use the launch controle in the Ford Auto and it would have won

  11. Jesus Castro

    thought drag race was a quarter mile to a half mile that would've proved much more I love the ranger screw the rest

  12. cosmas chikomo

    This cnt b true the ford ranger z d best

  13. Pieter Van Der Westhuizen

    How does an automatic have a chance against an manual ? The ranger wasnt even in sport mode and the traction control wasnt of 

  14. Pete Lehlaka

    Hilux the way you move

  15. Abri Lewies

    Cmon us the hilux 4.0 v6

  16. Mech Yagi

    Try switching off traction control on the Ford and re-do this event hehe.


    Music name in video plissssss

  18. Damien Mocke

    Cool… but have you guys seen the Bakkie Wars results from the guys at MotorTalk? 


  19. David Greenway

    Why isn't Dave allowed to talk? 

  20. Kaylin Claude Pillay

    oh how i wish the isuzu 300 Dtec and Vw Amarok was included and would be better on tar

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