Aug 12

Opel Adam – Everything You Need To Know

Opel will launch a host of new cars in South Africa in 2015 and this is the first of them, the Adam.

Local pricing has just been announced:
Base model 1.4 – R189 900
1.0T Jam – R209 900
1.0T Glam – R232 900

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  1. mo rbt

    i prefer fiat 500 for her look and history

  2. Springdaisy

    Obviously the one is better than the other. You’re so obviously selling the one over the other too. It’s hardly a review.

  3. hyökkäyshulilupteri

    I had to check what car is this when i saw it in dirt 4

  4. Black Life

    I'm a 20 yo girl and I have a VW Golf 4 and I like it but unfortunately It's getting old now and I have to buy another one is it okay to replace it with this one ? My car is bigger than this one any advice ? ( sorry for bad english )

  5. Donkey Wolf

    it is a good choice for poor people like me…..

  6. BenalRida

    Juts bought the Opel Adam Glam 2018 recently. Quite nice and I also did some videos about it. So if anyone wants to head over to my channel, you are more than welcome 🙂

  7. Alper Surucu

    they are for two person, arent they ? two doors, two person.. driver and passenger, wright ?

  8. 13thmistral

    i am still driving with a old opel zafira of 8 years old and with a temporarly license since i still do not have done the practical test, but god, since i saw the opel adam rocks and read reviews claiming it is a decent vehicle, i am honestly half hoping that first of all, i soon will have a solid job with income, and second, that the car either breaks down so i can buy this car or that i simply will have the money for it by plenty,….and of course that by then my driving skills have reached their peak 🙂

  9. Bartolomeo Cannibal

    no diesel engine? why? when will it be available?

  10. jakeinthetube

    Decent presenter! Better than the shit thats on the new Top Gear

  11. Thabile Luthuli

    My boo bought one in july and we loving it just personalises the bubbly us 🙂

  12. Victoria Robertson

    Hi there, Expressive! acidic dress !

  13. George Patton

    I wish we got these in America!

  14. Hilton

    I test drove the VW up! yesterday and would love to test drive the Adam.  I know the up! is positioned below the Adam, but perhaps Oper's ambitions are a bit high?  I have no doubt this is a good car, but a test drive will surely tell the truth.

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