Sep 20

Opel at IAA 2019: The Highlights

Breaking news about the Opel e-offensive: By 2024, all Opel models will be electrified. At IAA 2019, Opel introduced its current portfolio of electric cars. Watch the highlights!

The highly efficient new Opel Corsa, the battery electric Corsa-e and Corsa-e Rally make their debut in Frankfurt, along with the first Opel plug-in hybrid, the all-wheel drive Grandland X Hybrid4.

In 120 years of automobile production, Opel has always combined German engineering with passionate design, making pioneering technology and innovations accessible for everyone. The same goes today for electric mobility, which is why Opel has selected its most popular model, the Corsa, to finally free e-mobility from its niche existence.

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  1. ONYX.G

    Incredible! Where can I buy a remote control corsa?

  2. Gold iPhone

    Love that ✌️

  3. Georg Hillgruber

    Kommt auch ein Video zur Pressekonferenz?

  4. Georg Hillgruber

    Schönes Video

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