Aug 21

Opel Corsa Utility Review – The 250 000km Trooper!

Looking for a used Opel Corsa Utility? You’ll find one on our site right now:

This is probably one of our favourite cars that we’ve ever reviewed. It’s actually the Cars.co.za video department’s crew vehicle, and belongs to one of our cameramen.

The reason Ciro chose to review it is, he drove it for the first time recently and was blown away by how solid the little bakkie felt, even though it had just clocked 250 000km.

In this video Ciro takes us through the history of the Opel Corsa Utility, why it came to be so well-loved by South Africans, and he makes an impassioned plea for Opel to bring it back.


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  1. Sech Seforo

    Can you guys like these videos, this is a really good channel.👍

  2. Morrison Reid

    I have a 2009 model 72500km .I bought it new and have only had so much pleasure from driving it. I have looked at the market and there is nothing to replace it. Long live Corsa Gamma

  3. Thapelo Sambo NT

    Bring it back

  4. Thabo Saudi

    I bought myself a 2004 Corsa C hatch after writing off a 2008 Corsa D in a hailstorm. After having experienced both these cars, I must say, the Corsa C is the best car I’ve ever owned

  5. Hendrik van der Westhuizen

    Its a segment in the market which Toyota and Isuzu does not cater for and has more potential according to me. Thanks Ciro.

  6. Kwame A

    I daily drive the 1.8 GSI corsa. Proper old school hot-hatch. Still going strong at 280,000 kms

  7. H Kruger

    Imagine some of these new crossover grills on a new small bakkie! Like the Ford Ecosport grill, maybe just call it the Ford Ranger lite 🤣.

  8. Lingerie and Bikini Try On's And some Yoga

    Had two of them. Awesome bakkies.

  9. Sean Fenwick

    My rustler 160i went onto 400000km and was warmed up! Loved every drive in it.. until a learner drive wrote it off!😭

  10. George Goussard

    Really cool bakkie! Was the ideal vehicle considering how my life turned out. However, mine has 200 000km and uses a LOT of oil. My mechanic says that you get two kinds of Opel engines. Those that use a lot of oil and those that will eventually use a lot of oil. I just don't have the finances for a new vehicle. Jokes aside, it is allegedly a problem with the 1.8 Utility Sport.

  11. Kaylin Claude Pillay

    On the 1.4 models they also lowered the gearing which meant Freeway speeds were annoying but it also meant it could carry heavy loads without struggling too much

  12. Huw Williams

    But that is just 155,000 miles, which is hardly a high mileage these days where 250,000 mile cars are not uncommon.

  13. Lwazi Zulu

    the one at my previous workplace is approaching 700 000km now

  14. Blessing Fumani

    talk to them mr

  15. Kaslin Govender

    I think Ciro speaks for all of us in South Africa when he says bring back the half ton bakkie.🙌🏽

  16. abdul feroz Maluleke

    Thank you very much for this video. Please make more of similar videos of second-hand affordable cars that one can buy post covid-19. after all most of us cant afford these brand news costing north of R500k.

  17. Sechaba Shuping

    Yep, I agree, General Motors really screwed us over when it took away the Utility from us.

  18. Opel South Africa

    Just wanted to say hi from the Opel Combo 😉

  19. Carlos Eduardo

    Greetings from Brazil. We love the Chevrolet Montana, as it was called here. And we, too, miss this car.

    For some reason, we still have the second generation available new here, but it is a crappy car, only people who need a workhorse buy one today.

    Ford stopped selling the Courier here about 10 years ago, without any good reason, because it was a good car too.

    But today we still have some options, Fiat Strada and VW Saveiro are the best ones here.

  20. Etienne Stander

    Imagine the VW Saveiro in SA (Pick up looking like a Polo). I guess import duties and exchange rates stand in the way.

  21. Emannuel

    Ciero this was nostalgic. Please more content like this!

  22. Edwin Makamu

    😂😂😂Renualt Kwid Datsun go lol yeap that's true they drive like crap

  23. Gary Green

    Great looking utility bakkie……750kg payload as well. 👍👍
    All the naysayers about Opel…….put that in your tailpipe!

  24. Nivaal Mathurapersaad

    Loved the vid! Ours is currently sitting at 312000km, also 1.7 dti. I got 652km from a 95% full tank driving in jhb on beyers naude in peak hour traffic! These little bakkies are proper gems in RSA!

  25. Warren Furst

    I can echo all you've just said… this little bakkie was a champion of the people, the interface between a company product and the payout, the family runaround, the mobile workshop, solid build quality and nice to drive. And then GM stepped in and messed up, as usual. Ai…Americans, sometimes, ai!

    There are a few bakkies in this class available today or coming soon, some not in SA and destination of the rest to be confirmed.
    🥃, here's to hoping for more options than just the NP200 (which is not on same level as this Corsa was – just saying)! Cheers Ciro🥃

  26. Katlego Nkwe

    Still running a 2009 Model with just over 157k kilos on the clock

  27. Dieter Lötz


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