Jan 02

Opel Grandland X (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

Opel (Vauxhall) Grandland X SUV is made on the same platform as Peugeot 3008. Despite both cars having similar dimensions, this is not a classic case of badge engineering. Opel Grandland X looks and feels distinctly different from the French original. It is a spacious and stylish SUV, albeit with a modest choice of engines.

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Starting price: 23 700 euro
As tested: ~30 000 euro

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  1. russtatt

    It's been a long time coming. But I think we will see a switch back to Vauxhall ( we're in the UK ) when I come to my next vehicle change. We went from an Insignia Elite, to the Audi Q3. BIG mistake !.

  2. Ice banna

    The 3008 has a much nicer interior and exterior

  3. thanasis constantinou

    The gear shifter , in the peugeot 3008 that i test drove, was very light and precise. Is it really so different in the opel grandland x ?

  4. Mike Flynn

    I prefer the 3008 even if it is a bit of a glitterbug and likely to attract many magpies.

  5. Jonny Jones

    Just buy an X trail

  6. Luigi de Luigiis

    I prefer the grandland's exterior, but for the interior the 3008 is much much better

  7. Stig qwe

    Good looking SUV. I agree with other people, the interior is a letdown, especially if the materials are poor. Given the choice I would probably go for the 3008.

  8. Andrah Bell

    This should have been American chevy equinox

  9. Sa La

    06:02 Das ist gut, ja

  10. Nodge X

    Pretty car, but lacks quality and grunt, I'd say.

  11. reapertheunique

    Love the way you speak. Very clear and soothing 🙂 Keep it up!

  12. Vitaly Tomilov

    Swinging your foot – opens the boot,
    "Door open" you shout, and get the fuck out.
    This is Opel – poetically bad piece of s.

  13. petraaken

    Nice car but not a good replacement of the Antara. This may only pull 1400 kg where the Antara may pull larger weight. At least the Antara goes to 2000 kg.

  14. Mike Chalmers

    Nice review Marek, on what appears to be an absolutely average car, shame really as I too was impressed by the new 3008.

  15. kaljuhyypio

    An Opel based on Peugeot? Truly a match made in heaven.

  16. androo4519

    It's just okay, this Opel. But I would buy the Peugeot 3008 for its much, much nicer interior.

  17. Johnny_MacArthur

    Nice shots Marek.

  18. A-Innovations

    4:35 That safety stuff is AWESOME!

  19. Krychol

    Ania roxx! :))

  20. g00dfeeling

    Peugeot 3008 is just a wonderful car. I was very surprised when when it arrived. It made every competitor obsolete in a day.

  21. Haiho HH

    Grandland is basically a rebadged Peugeot 3008. Grandland is even manufactured in France. But at least Grandland has its own style design-wise. Unlike those VW group cars who all look pretty much the same. Grandland exterior looks very sexy although the interior is really bad compared to 3008. Grandland will certainly be placed below 3008, as it costs less than 3008. So they will not cannibalize each other. I personally still prefer 3008. I hope Grandland will be successful too.

  22. Lamba Kari

    opel, citröen and Peugeot…tree worst cars in europe. In in my country, we call french cars PUNISHMENT. tehey punish you and your wallet week after week

  23. Djeseret

    This is a Peugeot, manufactured in a French Peugeot factory by Peugeot…
    PSA is lacking a lot of technology Opel possesses.

  24. JB

    Never mind this boring old box, when are you getting your hands on the Hyundai i30 N?

  25. Da StormtroopeR

    Autogefühl was also in this location.

  26. Dave Travels

    meh… Opel is like the Toyota of Germany or is it officially French now? At any rate, they are neither offensive nor memorable. They get you where you need to go. The rental car companies and pensioners will buy them. I would much rather have the 3008.

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