Sep 20

Opel Kadett 4×4 GSI 16VT Turbo Acceleration TOP SPEED

HALF MILE TOP SPEED with the “E-Kadett 4×4” sleeper – Opel Kadett E GSI 16V Turbo with 2,0 C20LET Turbo engine, tuning by WKT with more than 700HP and insane sound. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV channel. This boosted Vauxhall / Opel Kadett is running a 2.0 motor from an Opel Calibra built by the owner with a GT4094 turbo pushing 740 HP tuned by WKT! Check out this boosted “Kadett 4×4” – Opel Kadett 2,0l 16V Turbo. It is a WKT tuning, at 2.4 bar the car has 740HP. Enjoy drag race sounds, and Half Mile top speed and acceleration .




Many thanks to Kadett 4×4:
► https://www.facebook.com/Kadett-4×4-120474424950757/

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  1. andrew wright

    I remember these cars back in the day…gte we had in the uk 2.0 16v red top…was quick car because they where so light. Great car.

  2. Mike Badcossi

    Baust so eine geile Kiste u hast einen Schaltweg wie in einem ur alten VW Bus……

  3. Sam Miller


  4. Reece Crawford

    Learn to drive it those launches were awful

  5. LARACE77

    Mó canhão 😲

  6. alesandro

    Mit kürzeren Schaltwege könnte René noch etwas Zeit gewinnen.

  7. Franck GSITURBO16

    Thank you for this vidéo.

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