Apr 15

OverHaul Starts NOW! Solid Subframe & Whiteline Anti Roll Bars. Opel Astra Z20let

The Astra Opc Prodrive z20let turbo needs a quick overhaul restore before the beginning of the season to get it ready for the abuse ahead. So its having lots of new parts fitted in ultra quick time! Enjoy


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  1. Aaron Unknown

    What do we think of doing more regular slightly shorter uploads?

  2. Ben Kitson

    New to this channel. Great content. Do you mean to say “anadalized”? Lol sorry. Drives me mental. *anodised* 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. PTE 2509

    Bet you're painting the bolts on the arb when you touch the paint up on it 😉🤣

  4. Ryan Duggan

    in one of the older videos AU recommend a 'paint for interior trim , if anyone knows what it was? or which video?

  5. Piratenoah

    wait a second. doesnt your astra has like 500 bhp or something? and you drive it with stock axles? hows that working? xD

  6. Scott Murray

    Well happy mate love your videos you know absolutely everything there is to know about Astra and z20let

  7. John Hook

    Aaron did you get any lights on the dash after refitting the sub frame and rack as I fitted a engine in a gsi zafira and and the traction light stays on

  8. graham wood

    Mate keep uploading, I check every day to see if you’ve put another vid up! Love the way you work man. I’ve got a Zlet cabby and Im really impressed with it. Keep posting dude!

  9. American English Motors

    Brilliant videos Aaron,I would like to see more vids and longer, but thats just me, From an ex trade bloke keep it up mate, nice to watch a bloke that knows what he is doing, far too many clown action kid channels messing with motors on here. Love the vids and your attention to detail. Laters mate.

  10. adfinch69

    Happy either way.
    Great work 👍👍

  11. MikadoRC

    What mods would you recommend to archieve around 300+hp for a daily driven Zafira gsi?
    I have a spare stock LEH engine to start with and I'm wondering what modifications it would need.
    Do the stock cams and valve springs suffice or would they need upgrading?
    Stock inlet manifold or EDS copy, what size fuel injectors?
    The stock VXR turbo is not big enough I suppose? I still would like to have low end torque, it is a daily after all.

    Would love to hear some input on this!

  12. Lp.Edits

    Can’t wait to see the end product 🤘

  13. Dash Cam Das

    I take it the Zaffy GSi never came with a under engine cover judging by the fact your subframe is not rotted to buggery.

  14. E 83

    Love the content variety as always man 🔥 🔥 🔥

    But i think the viewers will agree, too much vaux an not enough fiesta…… 🤣🤣

    Quality content, their all proper motors none the less 👊👊

  15. The Mechanic

    Another informative interesting watch. Definitely more regular uploads too 👍🏻

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