May 26

Raping the Sand – A Nissan 1400 Bakkie Tribute

A tribute to my Nissan 1400 Pickup b4 i sell it.


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  1. Pirate Jones

    I've just found this. CG Vega, you're a CHAMP.

    What do you drive in 2018?

  2. JonnyCrash

    I was searching for this video a while ago and couldn't find it. Glad to see it's still here! First search result for Nissan 1400 Bakkie.

  3. Ned Flanders

    LOL Brilliant video guys… Ask Nissan to place this as an advert!

  4. Michael Churchill

    there's no time like the present I'm in the proses of fixing up my Nissan its not cheap but my baby deserves it and her previous owner is really looking forward to seeing her in predestine condition

  5. CGVega

    yeah, i regret it now. My subaru's clutch went, and the 1400 bakkie is the car that gave me the least amount of hassles. One day I'll get another one…

  6. Michael Churchill

    if you sell you 1400 your am idiot . that bakkie will still get your children through high school and college and doing while being awseome

  7. Muller Fourie

    Haha, no better than 1400 nissan, awesome video.

  8. 1velociti

    2:40 is epic kap i 7 lmj

  9. Etiennepike1

    10/10 awsome vid,next time do donuts

  10. Gofernator

    hahha 14cm……far out thats so bloody funny. man i miss home now, THANKS A LOT!

  11. Gofernator

    hahaha great vid…………my frined built a fibre glass one from a place in Richards bay and tweeked the motor too , man did that little box go.

  12. CGVega

    thanks! in matric i think i reversed my dad's blue one into a street light.

  13. CGVega

    ja, lyk vir my amper presies soos daai fiat bakkie. lyk GLAD nie soos die 1400, jy sou dink hulle sit 'n bietjie in uit respek or something. maaaaar, as ek ooit 'n nuwe klein bakkie kry, sal dit seker daai nissan wees :

  14. vidaddict10

    hooray vir die NP200 wat n LEGEND vervang 🙁 … kan nie glo Nissan doen dit nie die bliksems.

  15. ChurroEmiliano

    I got bored and watched my favorites, I FOUND YOUR SECRET MESSAGE.

  16. scolexman

    bbeeeefffooooooooookkkkkk !!!!! ek mis SA en die beste bakkie ooit !!!! Dodge Ram se gat.

  17. jdmderick

    thank you boys – i learned driving in a 1400 in the back streets of Krugersdorp….. now on Australia – no bakkies here – just Holden ss utes mate!! lol great video!! make another one!!! more more more!!!!!!!!!!

  18. TDUguy

    i used to love my dads bakkie, i used to live in S.A, only till i was 7, i'm 17 now, but the thing i can remember is his bakkie and how many things we did with it XD

    i love this thing!

    i wanna get 1 when i'm older and do something crazy engine wize


  19. CGVega

    what are u talkin about? 1400 bakkie is awesome!! 🙂

    i can't hot it up, i sold it 🙁 And they've dicontinued the 1400, replaced it with some ugly thing that looks just like every other small pickup.

  20. islakkie

    klink nie so erg in engels nie. gee dit net n softie titel en dit sal niemand worry nie. ek sit in london en n brit wat die eerste keer in sy lewe n pic of vid van die 1400 gesien het wil nou met n seer hart een try kry.

  21. CGVega

    haai. dankie vir die info. ek kyk nou na die website. hulle gan seker nie van die titel hou nie 🙂 "Verkrag die sand"

  22. islakkie

    hi cgvega jy weet nissan het n kompetiesie aan op soek na vidios oor ouens en hulle 1400 bakkies. ek dink die was puuik

  23. Chris Coetzee

    mal etters!!! nice one!

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