Jun 22

Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5

Oh look, Grandpa bought a C5 Corvette and he thinks it’s an investment. Newsflash Pops, worms will eat your bone marrow before the C5’s will be worth money.


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  1. Ken Creten

    Oh… I'm gonna puke.

  2. Kael York

    This is a regular summer car where I live, i see like 2-3 a day.

  3. Sentinel Actual

    Would you guys want to review 2001 BMW 540i? You've done the 3-series and 7-series of that generation, but haven't done any 5-series.

  4. Tucker29jmjp

    *The Trucks have aluminum cylinder heads except I believe the 6.0 in the first 2 years of production. But they were cast iron blocks, whereas the car engines were aluminum.

  5. Phil Hunter

    What a long waste of time .

  6. agentgfh


    Lol, I've seen c6s in similar condition go for $12k.

    You can find a c5 for as low as 10k in northern virginia if you look.

  7. rbllxo

    Now all we need are the C2 And C1

  8. Emmett Turner

    That's, like, the third Disney's Beauty and the Beast parody I've noticed. Nice work.

  9. MooresCreek Mafia

    my favorite car… EVER

  10. Jack Dallmeyer

    still a chevy

  11. Scott Babcock

    I love c5s I'm 21 this review had me in tears old guys just can't help but go nuts on the lambo doors and all the awful chrome trim garbage with these beautiful cars

  12. REV J

    You mean "Iron Blocks" , when mentioning the truck versions of the motor. Only the earliest 99-trickling into 01 truck's could get the iron heads, the rest went to one of many aluminum heads depending on year/displacement.

  13. FJ21 Studios (flashjet21)

    Dude FINALLY ??? I've been waiting for so long for this video XD

  14. Tom Slater

    English major STRIKES AGAIN
    The heads are ALL aluminum. ALL OF THEM.
    The BLOCKS are iron in the truck engines. THE BLOCKS ARE IRON.
    Now that I'm fully tumescent with rage, I'll take myself to pound town and keep watching the video.
    Also, I love you.

  15. Ian Griffith

    All except one are aluminum heads just sayin, the truck version just uses an iron block, different intake and so on.

  16. michael shoemaker

    you are getting good at this. i appreciate the better video quality.

  17. Dan Hall


  18. Keaton Nelson

    This video made me wonder. When will you review a harley? I have a '93 sportster 1200.

  19. Will Downs (ChevyGuy02)

    Is it the Z06?

  20. jon dingee

    34 year old c5 owner here. I like my car alot. sure it is kind of outdated now but it still puts a smile on my face and gets alot of attention in public. if you have one don't test drive a c7 like I did because you will think your car is slow afterwards.

  21. Christian Wilson

    Damn, this was a really good write up. Well done.

  22. dannyjizay

    I've been waiting for this one!

  23. J Lang

    Umm, isn't the Suburban the longest running nameplate?

  24. DanofNJ

    I had a C5 and had nothing but problems with it. I much prefer the C6. Smaller, faster, and thank God…round rear tail lights.

  25. The Glorious Hypnotoad

    We need a hour long version of the part at 3:17

  26. drew nabors

    Ok guys, you guys should come to Cars & Coffee in St Petersburg. We have so much potential for finding new cars. I work for duPont Registry and I am Cammed CTSV on opposite lock

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