Jun 16

Review: 2016 Chevrolet Malibu 1.5T

I review the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu LT1 with the 1.5T engine. What do you think of these?
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  1. kichansilva

    Anyone else catch themselves at how much he moves his arms when he talks? It's so distracting!

  2. Elvis Tabakovic

    You sound very sad Matt what's wrong?! You are not you in this review

  3. Rocco Lucio

    https://www.gofundme.com/29rn5p4r please donate to help the families of the people that died at the lgbt pulse club in orlando thank you.

  4. EA40

    Good review. Love the new intro too. But I must add that the old intro song by Disfigure was pretty much your song. It was like your trademark. Lol. Every time I heard it in another YouTube video I would think "What's up everybody! SubaruWRXFan here for another car review! This is of course the…"

    Almost like how I hear "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers Band I think of Jeremy Clarkson introducing the Top Gear shows. Haha

  5. Jake DeGregorio

    review a 300zx twin turbo!!!!!!

  6. TheOriginalSayre

    quite classy!!

  7. planedudea380

    I feel like two of Matt's favorite words are nice and pretty, haha

  8. Saielb

    awesome intro!

  9. configtr

    Finally an intro I can get behind.

  10. yiyangcheng

    It seems like he gets cold after a week of driving lol

  11. Zackary Lading

    Subaruwrxfan here back with another Chevy sponsored video

  12. joseph nanez

    That little slot isn't for putting your keys its for cell phone for wireless charging. Its actually very nice feature to have, way better than in the 2106 Camaro. Camaro cant fit any newer phones.

  13. Mohammed Abdulla

    Worst car I ever driven my life , 2013 model , it feels so heavy that trying to accelerating is completely useless , and the seats were uncomfortable , just my opinion , maybe other people liked it and was enough for them , i hope the new one is different

  14. thebrzguy

    The intro gets better every time you watch it. I miss the old music but the glamour shots make up for it.

  15. Yasir

    Sounds like a good rental

  16. 96rasco

    wow man nice intro

  17. Xaionik

    Much better intro. No more obnoxious ultra loud techno.

  18. SonOfTamriel

    It looks pretty good, I like the headlights. One thing that's annoyed me with Chevs is the logo on the front. Seems dated and too large or something… can't quite put my finger on it.

  19. peter fuentes

    Does anyone else stilllll think about that zack and cody episode whenever they see PRNDL? xD.

  20. Neftali Lopez

    The impala is still way better looking

  21. 777jones

    Is there a version of this video at normal speed?

  22. Dominic Dalessandro

    You should start adding sound systems to your reviews!

  23. Instigator

    Intro was lit ?

  24. Klasse Act

    I noticed that the rear speakers are exposed, why is this….bean counters?

  25. Andrew Lewis

    I just had one of theses as a rental. I don't know if your higher trim level changed some of these things…but some things I found are
    -the rear view mirror was awful. It looked like a cheap toy.
    -the blind spot was BIG!

  26. LuBano

    Intro, bro. Sweeeeeeet

  27. Jinroth

    The Malibu is Chevy's answer to the Ford Taurus.

  28. StripOrStreet

    That front end is pretty sexy

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