Jun 28

Review: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country

Huge thanks to Tom Henry Chevrolet for providing me with this brand new truck to review! If you’re interested in getting a Chevy truck, be sure to contact Cam at 724-444-5224 or cwarba@tomhenrychevy.com and tell him Subaruwrxfan sent you!
More info about Tom Henry Chevrolet can be found at tomhenrychevy.com

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  1. americanstylefreak

    I like how chevy trucks still have a traditional ignition key! :)

  2. BarelyBen

    Good Review

  3. Mounir Saada

    Why doesn't silverado have a screen instead of those ugly gages…just like the Sierra -_- !

  4. Emelie Boss

    dream car

  5. kaan898

    no keyless operation?

  6. Jarrin Miller

    Iv watched some of your videos and I was thinking you should do a review on a 2012 F150 Harley Davidson edition!!

  7. Drace Provost

    In our GMC Seirra SLT (high country's brother from GMC) we got 24.6 MPG going 75 on a 800 mile trip

  8. Doge

    im confused. is the 2016 truck have the reverse light in middle? or on bottom? cusi saw a yt vid with the 2016 truck but vid was made in 2015 and the rev light was in middle, and this one is bottom. hmm. Please reply to me.

  9. Jorge Medina

    should review the ram rt

  10. Zack Johnson

    Love The Interior,But The Outside Is ugly!!! Ford nation

  11. Marvin Lemus

    Can you do a review on a 2016 Toyota Tundra Trd Pro please!!

  12. Rance Hamilton

    it is a truck….

  13. Matthew Wadsworth

    can you review a ram rebel?

  14. AKAJared

    It's funny because my father has a 15' sierra that I drive and being from Maine there's more trucks than cars up here. It's comical to see a performance enthusiast like Matt review a truck just because he's completely new to the scene, and he's right, you get used to the vehicle size.

  15. creek hed

    Everyone's a critic!

  16. Jae' Vion Dailey

    I'm sorry , but the new grills on these trucks are just HIDEOUS ! Everything else of this truck is perfect except that . Chevy should've stuck with the 2015 modeled Grills ; a more classic Chevy look.

  17. Legoboy 8018

    i love the color of the leather.

  18. kichansilva

    bro you say your name way too fast.

  19. Andrews Spamfilteremail

    This video was really nice.

  20. FourBitty

    There sure is a lot of folks out there reviewing vehicles now, frankly I have two problems with this one.

    One, you're clearly not a truck guy. That's cool and all, but it probably isn't in your best interest or your viewers for that matter for you to review things that you don't have much experience in and haven't used for it's purpose or potential. Pickups are for payload, towing, and usually work, although a higher trim level like this won't likely have the muddy boots in and out of it every day.

    Two, this hardly seems like a 'review' at all. Your first line in the video description lists a salesperson's phone number, and you don't say a negative thing in the entire video. You say it's got good performance, but how do you really know having presumably not spent a lot of time in pickups, towing and such? You speak highly of the interior features, without any mention to similar trims offered by competitors. You did it because you've been sponsored to make the video, and that's just not a good review. I get it that you do what you have to do to get your hands on stuff like this to review, but it defeats the purpose if it means you're basically going to make a commercial instead of an honest review.

    That's my two cents. Aside from that your video quality is great and I'm sure you make good content related to the things that interest you more. Sadly I wouldn't know as performance cars aren't really my thing.

  21. James Bell

    nice review beautiful truck. One day maybe.

  22. Mojo

    if only we could buy them in australia for a good price—they cost over 150k over here in this rippoff country

  23. Cinda Perez

    you dont know anything about trucks

  24. rsxkid21

    can you do a gmc sierra

  25. Junior Jones

    I purchased a 2016 Silverado Texas Edition with the 5.3. I love it so far. Very comfortable ride over long distance. It is a large vehicle to drive, but I'm coming from a Corvette. The iPhone to display compatibility is awesome

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