Jun 09

Silverado Strong: Steel Bed Outperforms Aluminum Bed – 2016 Silverado | Chevrolet

We compared the roll-formed, high-strength steel bed of the Chevy Silverado to the aluminum bed of the Ford F-150. See how they held up.

Learn more about the Chevy Silverado: http://www.chevrolet.com/silverado-1500-pickup-truck.html

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  1. Christian Gonzalez

    they are trying so hard to show people ford are trash that they end up looking like a fool but the real question is who are they trying to fool? thats the big question

  2. The Porsche Kid

    It is called u paint the damn bed with the high recipient paint stuff.

  3. Sean Nisbet

    no matter how many ads chevy runs against Ford like this they're still going to get outsold year after year

  4. Robert Maines

    Or you could get a bed lining.

  5. Ben Moore

    Ok Chevy you know your potential customers are idiots. Way to show it off for us Ford people. Thank you.

  6. Ben Moore

    Ok Chevy you know your potential customers are idiots. Way to show it off for us Ford people. Thank you.

  7. Luis Ortiz

    These trucks are not all for working

  8. The Porsche Kid

    Well I know to buy the ford


    Congragufuckinglations Chevy, steel is harder than aluminum

  10. Yuriy Donetskiy

    $ 500 залейте защитным слоем и не трахайте людям мозги

  11. Verizon Wireless

    Chevy trucks are a piece of shit is that all Chevy could come up with is a bed liner let's see who has a better drivetrain it ain't Chevy oh by the way who took out bailout money it wasn't Ford so Chevrolet go make a real truck and save your money and stop making stupid ass commercials like this for us to watch

  12. stevencolby49

    no dodge? wonder why ? not really,
    go dodge

  13. Dan Pontello

    So a round of applause for Chevy for pointing out that aluminum is a softer metal than steel, and that it doesn't pick people for their commercial that know basic science. Aluminum is lighter so it improves the gas mileage.

  14. Caleb Grizzard

    Not surprising coming from Government Motors


    Funny how they don't compare the Chevy to a dodge. They must know that the dodge would win in any competition…

  16. Cheez3800

    Hey GM, why don't you go ahead and make your seat covers out of that same steel. Maybe the damn things wouldn't wear through after six months.

  17. Edgar Ramirez

    ill still take a raptor

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