Mar 20

Surprise, a Hyundai pickup: Watch Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept truck Revealed

( http://www.TFLtruck.com ) The Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept is a pickup truck. Yes, at the 2015 North American International Auto Show Hyundai unveiled a truck. OK, perhaps it is more of a crossover pickup but a truck never-the-less. Check it out as it debuts in Detroit.

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  1. Darren VanMeter

    Why not just build a real pickup truck

  2. Jeff Sprake

    I really like it . I hope they can keep the price down. The reason why young truck buyers are fading out is it use to be affordable. But now at 50 thousand dollars no one can afford them now .well keep the price fair and you will do awesome. I’ll take the silver one

  3. Zechariah Nevarez

    Why not just cop an SUV, don't know what's the point in purchasing a truck if you can't fit anything into the bed. At least in an SUV you can have more comfort and space inside. Just saying, this truck won't get the job done what real trucks were built to do.

  4. Marty Honda

    Made by Kim Junk Shit Korean junk pile

  5. Papa Bear

    that's a bratt subaru from the 80s 😂

  6. sukhchain singh

    Very nice 🚗

  7. Mike Parry

    It looks fancy, but not a lot of use down the farm. When are we going to get proper Aussie style "Ute's" to chuck bales and sheep in the back? You know. Real trucks?

  8. rogerwalsberg

    The production version will be toned way down. I have no idea why companies do that

  9. Sheila Palmer

    When is It coming out?

  10. Kenneth Brown

    No frame, not a truck!! Stop calling it a truck!!

  11. Dominic Racca

    This is a truck that would fit perfectly in Australia. They have trucks called Utes. Subaru tried putting the Ute in the US with the Baja but the truck was a poor performer (and the yellow and silver that 90% of them were painted was a horrible color choice) While the Baja looked good it lacked power and utility. This little truck seems to be the perfect balance between style and power. Bring it! I am going to guess it will be a good seller.

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