Jun 29

Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #97: Cadillac CT6, XT5, and Chevrolet Volt

The new Cadillac CT6 sedan and XT5 SUV highlight the brand’s split personality. We also answer your questions about three-row SUVs, why we mention the Audi Q7 more than the Volvo XC90, and if we’ll test a Toyota Land Cruiser.

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  1. Dylan Luhowy

    Sales of the Prius will no doubt exceed the Volt in the US. The Prius is cheaper, after all. But here in Canada the Volt and Prius liftback are close in sales. Volt outsold Prius 1988 to 1934 units from April 2015 to April 2016.

  2. wasabi9111

    I completely agree w your assessment of the Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC 90. I was completely disappointed with the XC 90 test drive based on all the awards it's been getting. I fell in love with the Q7 and am surprised it doesn't give mentioned more often by other reviewers.

  3. coopdrizzle 289

    Does the pathfinder compare with the CX-9

  4. Wells306

    I do have to ask, was Tom suspended? Too much Durango talk? Or did he figure out that dual clutch CVT?

  5. Wells306

    I recently bought a Mazda 6 and I need to get on a soap box. I was initially a bit worried about the infotainment system, but it turned out to be really really easy after only a few days. Your right hand movement on the commander knob and buttons are completely minimized. Unlike something like Subaru Starlink, MyFordTouch, or a Honda infotainment system, you're not fumbling around on a touch screen trying to push the exact right spot while being forced to take your eyes off the road in the process. You guys have complained about no tuning knobs. How often are you really searching for a new radio station? Most of the "difficult" features and settings are only set once after you buy the car and you forget about it. I'm an avid CR reader and watch every podcast, but come on guys, it's really not that hard. Most people are going to keep it on their favorite 1-2 radio stations, hook up an iPod, or stream audio from their phone via Bluetooth anyway. The steering wheel controls, voice commands, and the dreaded favorite button work just as expected. Also being an open source software based system, Android Auto and Car Play are still possibilities, even for current Mazda owners. At the end of the day, it still has a real volume knob at least.

  6. melissa marcell

    Why are there never any women in these reviews? Is this for Saudi Arabia where women aren't allowed to drive.

  7. Robert “Rob” S

    what the heck is going on with the team? where's GABE??

  8. Robert Montgomery

    Tell Jake to stop being facetious, as it adds nothing to the show and is a waste of time. When asked about Cadillac, he acts like he is unfamiliar with the brand. That is just silly.

  9. Nicholas Smith

    I like the new lineup, much less humming and hahing. Move the other guys to the bench and leave them there.

  10. xxgg

    Yes Mazda, just give us a Android Auto/ Apple Car Play update and get it over with!

  11. patrickben321

    the prius is ugly as sin. I'd take the volt

  12. MotorCity J

    Jon did great!

  13. AutoK1A

    You lost me when you said that an engine was loud at high RPM. Fairly certain that's a common occurrence, especially for vehicles with ICE's. BMW is not exempted from that "issue" either.

  14. Starkiteckt Designs

    Great and entertaining as always. Thanks!

  15. nickolastiguan

    under $30k after rebate probably = $29999.98? lol

    while i think EV and Hybrids make more sense (in many ways) than gasoline vehicles, where i live here in Canada, we don't get any sort of rebates, which makes owning an EV or Hybrids very/more expensive than a gasoline vehicle =(

  16. radudeATL

    Great job, Jon! Good discussion all around!

  17. Alex Teela

    No. NO. Where is Tom?

  18. neiljborja

    Missing Tom the Doubter but John did a good job as host

  19. 22358

    Hi guys, thank you for your response, it makes me really happy to be part of the show. Love both the XC90 and Q7, let's hope the new engine on the Volvo will be reliable and only time can tell. Audi wise, they are great but they do have carbon buildup issue.

    Acadia: Over price Chevy
    CX9: Great handling, great interior
    Durango: Towing
    Sorento: Great features for a good price, 10 years warranty

    I think the really problem for the Land Cruiser is the price which start at $83k meanwhile the LX start at$88k. For $5k more(5.6% more), you get better brand name, warranty, dealership experience, road appearance, audio system(MARK LEVINSON-a $2350 well spend option vs JBL), headup display($900) and much much better interior. $83k for a Toyota is a real hard push. Can't believe from Sequoia to Land Cruiser the price jumped 46% up.

  20. manthony225

    I would take that "old" Land Cruiser over a crappy Elscalade any day.

  21. ZL1Gimpelson

    Good show

  22. Joseph Belfi

    wait, you compared The Cadillac to the Highlander, but don't you guys love the Highlander?

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